FE6: Project Ember (v1.84 as of 1/28/2021) - "Dear Dorothy" Edition

It is. The code of the pegknights is to never betray your employer,but tate/thea says in feh that it is to never break a promise…and that is for a lack of better word completely retarded. I do not know if that is a translationerror(as someone who does not speak japanese,I just assume she said “to never break a contract” instead) or what is going on, it just does not work with the plot. And people who do translationpatches(like me) have to use that. Oof

Hmm, don’t think I’ll be doing that in the case of this hack, out of respect to the “proper” translation, because I do agree that the localized version completely misses the mark of the original statement. I may take a look in the current version’s text to see if such changes were ever made, and if it was then I intend to change it back.

I don’t understand the changes with the Sword Master Patch someone pls explain me the changes

You can put the Earth Seal?

It just changes what sprite for Swordmasters are used. If you don’t like the Dread Fighter animations or find them unfitting, you can just download the version where Swordmasters look more like what you’re used to from GBAFE.

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Thanks for the Answer

Is possible put the Skills system in The Binding Blade?

I found a bug with Roy their weapon level say B but he have less weapon level for Example C and they work normally when he reach the level B weapon

I just patched it to a rom and I have to say…maybe you should edit the tutorialtext to reflect the rangebuff archers get. xD Unless it is intended that Cecilia is utterly clueless about 3 range. Otherwise, looks interessting so far at least.

Oh yes, I forgot the tutorial exists. I don’t really edit it given the tutorial of FE6 is something no one looks at and it’s also a weird void of nonsense that isn’t safe for hacking.

Yeah, the text can be really stupid sometimes. I translated it into german a few months ago and I literally had to spam A commands,leave a space between two lines,etc. and that only to keep to functional. it actually kinda looks ugly the way it scrolls.

When Chad Fight with some enemy i found a death pixel in the left part of the screen

Oh, I tend to tweak the patch little by little in my off time between releases, nothing crazy. Just stuff like removing hand axes from certain paladin reinforcments since they can’t wield axes anymore and other minor things, nothing that would really qualify as a “major” change, y’know?


I have a question what are the changes from the 1.61 version?

There are 2 ups in the download links, what should i use? Patch.ups or swordmaster.ups?

Anyway you could add a patch that reduces accuracy when at 3 range with bows?

Patch.ups uses the dread fighter animations while swordmaster.ups uses regular swordmaster animations.

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Oh, thank you for pointing it out, I’ll have that fixed in a jiffy

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Did you fix it yet?

That I did! The patches were updated pretty shortly after you mentioned it. My apologies for not saying such when I had done so.

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