FE6: Project Ember (v1.81 as of 10/19/2020) - "Shiny and New" Edition

Greetings and salutations, FEU! My name is Brunhilda, and I am a fledgling romhacker who has come to show a project I have worked on with some assistance from the community in the past two years.

This passion project is none other than Project Ember, a gameplay/graphics overhaul of FE6 that aims to give the player a brand new and (hopefully!) fun experience. Dozens of changes have been made, too many for me to list off every single one here. But to list a few:

  • Tweaked playable units
  • Altered chapter events
  • New classes
  • Modified weapon stats
  • An upgraded weapon triangle (15 Avo/2 Dmg)
  • Roy promoting like a normal unit (requires a Knight’s Crest)

And much, much more. As this is my first project, there have been some bumps in the road. Fire Emblem 6 is an unwieldy game to hack, and as a result there are some bugs that have been found in the hack already that, as of posting, have no fix. Thankfully they’re nothing gamebreaking, but a nuisance is still a nuisance.

Included below is a link to a dropbox containing the patch (apply it to a Japanese FE6 rom), a document that I heavily suggest you read, and two folders containing the assets I used for map palettes and all the portraits I (and Ltranc) have worked on.

Download the patch here!

And lastly, please do not see this as a replacement for FE6. This is solely meant to be a labor of love and a new way to experience the game many people in this fandom love so much. With all that said, I hope my hack meets or surpasses whatever expectations you may have.

I hope to hear from you all soon :slight_smile:

Changes in version 1.7:

  • Several new characters are now playable, namely Lowen from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade. The others include Eliwood, Guinevere, and others. One of these is a secret!

Click here to view our Pharaean friend

  • There are several new PRF weapons, so many in fact we’ve made a doc detailing them in the new readme! Do check it out when you have the time :slight_smile:

  • Units have had stats modified and bases altered, though nothing that really radically changes how they operate in battle

  • Introducing: REINFORCE! After completing a special objective in 16x, you will gain access to the reinforce ability. By talking to Douglas with Roy, a group of green units will spawn to assist the player in the battles to come. They auto-level and change over the course of the mid/lategame, offering different forms of assistance depending on the chapter (please note these reinforcements have set spawn points near the player’s starting position, so it’s recommended you talk from the first couple of turns).

View a demonstration of it here

  • Introducing MANIAC mode. This mode aims to fully realize the DSFE style of player-enemy combat and test your tactical skills more than ever before. Are you brave enough to handle the challenge? Included in the Dropbox are a patch for Maniac mode and a somewhat modified version of that deemed the new version of Hard Mode. Be expected to deal with quite the challenge regardless of the patch you pick!

  • New supports written by FE6 Enthusiast Krashboombang. We’ve taken great care to make sure they fit along with the rest of the supports in the original. Want to see them? Well my friend, you’ll have to play the hack to find out :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, I will conclude in saying this will most likely be the final major update to Project Ember until Maiden of Darkness’ resources become public. Do check out that thread if you’re curious as to what MoD is, as it’s what inspired me to start this in the first place! Regardless, I’m very happy to have worked on Project Ember, as it has taught me a lot about romhacking and was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had in my life. So without further delay, thank you to those who gave your kind words and who helped me along the way. It means the world :slight_smile:
And a very heartfelt thanks to my good friend Allen The Cavalier (Who goes by the name Sex Pistols Requiem on Discord), who made Maniac Mode what it is now. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think this update would have ever been possible.

Changes made in 1.8~1.81:

  • [1.8] Introducing Weapon Reversal! This patch does exactly what it says on the tin, reversing the weapon types (and by virtue classes) of every character you get. Full credit goes to Ltranc for the creation of this patch, and we hope you all enjoy playing through it.
  • [1.8] Continuing on the topic of new ways to play, a 0% growths patch for Maniac Mode has now been made. It took extensive testing and feedback to make sure this hack would be completable on 0%, and with our confidence assured we will now make this available for the public to play.
  • [1.8] The Binding Blade that the player obtains is now the same as Hartmut’s, and Hartmut’s Ecksachs is reverted to being similar statistically to the one the player has.
  • [1.8] The Demon Dragon and by extension Idunn’s stats/caps have been modified. her Skill and Speed now caps at 20, giving her 20 base AS and Skill. The skill cap modification was made to accommodate the redone Crit formula of prior patches. Her Dark Breath now gives different bonuses as well.
  • [1.8] The eight legends and Idunn have had their base luck set to 0.
  • [1.8] Zephiel’s speed cap is now set to 15, giving him 18 AS with the Ecksachs equipped. His Def cap is now set to 27, giving him 31/34 Defenses on the throne he sits on.
  • [1.8] Hugh has achieved comedy. Also, his magic base is increased by 1 and his Anima rank is now A instead of B.
  • [1.8] Eliwood’s base HP has been increased by 3.
  • [1.8] Ogier’s join level is now raised to 10 rather than 9.
  • [1.81] Ogier now has a new PRF weapon, Cortain.

Cortain: Sword, 11 Mt/80 Hit/10 Wt/5 Crit, 25 Uses. Lck+10 on equip, targets Res and has 1-2 range

  • [1.81] Increased Demon Dragon’s class speed cap from 20 to 22
  • [1.81] The Devil Axe now has 100 Hit.
  • [1.81] Fixed the Armory in chapter 7 that had two iron blades.
  • [1.81] Updated quite a few weapon icons, as well as redid/recolored all the villager portraits to look better compared to previous builds.
    villager girl

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Project_Ember_Maniac_Mode_v1.6_1587617687860 Project Ember Manaic Mode-323
Fire_Emblem_Project_Ember_1587646438811 Project_Ember_Maniac_Mode_v1.3_1583245258535
Project Ember Manaic Mode-3 Project Ember Manaic Mode-69
gameing Project_Ember_Maniac_Mode_v1.2_1582759238236
Guin Fire_Emblem_and_the_Blazing_Sword_of_Sparkling_Embers-31
Project_Ember_Maniac_Mode_v1.4_1583550805882 Fire_Emblem_Project_Ember_1587646920280
Project Ember Manaic Mode-81 Fire_Emblem_Project_Ember_1587648725995 Project Ember Manaic Mode-18 Project Ember Manaic Mode-52


smh, no screenshots
Joking aside, from what I’ve seen so far this is a pretty neat and beautiful job you’ve done here, especially considering it’s FE6. Keep up the good work.


Just read through the readme. Make sure you credit Redbean for the Fir animation. I just scripted it. Redbean did the heavy lifting. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the kind words! I’ve also added some screenshots showcasing some of the new-ish stuff.


good stuff, definitely gonna get to trying it soon.

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With what hackingtools was this patch made? I know FEBuilder is a bit buggy with FE6(at least with the english version), but I remember there being a patch that unlocks Hardmode from the start, effectively rendering the savegame-method obsolete :thinking:

Hit with only one RN
00000e6a:00 00 00 00
00000e70:08 1C
00000e7c: 08 1C
Mobile path does not use RN
00000e10:00 00 00
Minimum hit rate 30%

Japanese hackers have also made dangerous ranges

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I just found it myself in the patches list, don’t know how I missed that. The patch has been updated accordingly :slight_smile:

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This looks amazing, and this is coming from someone who’s not super crazy about FE6

This is really impressive work inside the FE6 game engine, which is so buggy. Visually the game looks great, its amazing how small graphical improvements to things like the menu windows really liven up the game and make it more fun to play. All the mugs look great so far, and the maps are nice to look at.

My only critique is that the game feels pretty easy on hard mode. This might just be me though, as I am used to the somewhat insane difficulty that is the vanilla FE6 hard mode. For example, I nearly cleared chapter 4 before Rutger showed up, I was moving so quickly I genuinely forgot about his appearance on turn 6. I’m only on chapter 5 so I can’t speak to the rest of the game, perhaps the difficulty will ramp up.

Overall, great work, the graphical updates alone are enough to warrant a full playthrough.

Look very interesting! Definitely gonna try it out.
A bit sad that the skill system isn’t here since it’s only in fe8, but can’t wait to play this

There is an issue with boss luck, as having it be “–” instead of 0 results in it going to 30 after attacking the boss

Ah, seems I may have made a couple of miscalculations with boss luck. I’ll get to fixing it by the end of the night.


There we are, boss base luck has been adjusted to actually be zero this time. Seems I forgot to save that change the first time around.

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I’ve gotta agree, this hack has been feeling pretty easy, but the presence of archers is way more threatening thanks to they extended range, so that’s something. I’m hoping that the difficulty manages to ramp up in the latter end of the game, but it’s still pretty fun and the animations/shading looks good. Though Marcus’s pallet is exceedingly bright, especially considering how all other characters have had their brightness toned down, so his armor sticks out like a sore thumb.
Also, I don’t believe the readme mentioned anything about Roy’s promotion, so is that still at chapter 20/21 (I don’t remember) or has it been changed to chapter17/17x like most people reccomend.

The earlygame isn’t too difficult up until around Chapter 7/8-ish where things would (ideally) pick up.

Roy’s promotion is not in either of those chapters actually! He promotes via a knight’s crest. Since I am aware of the rarity of Knight’s Crests in the original, you are able to now get three before 8x. The first is stealable from the boss of Chapter 7, and the other 2 just come in Chapter 8 (one in a chest and the other in Barth’s inventory).

As for Marcus’ colors, well…all the portraits/palettes are inspired by the game’s official artwork, and because of that Marcus himself was difficult to pin down because of the way his OA looks. I am willing to make adjustments if need be however.

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Well, I guess I’ll see just how hard it gets, and considering7 and 8 were, imo, some of the hardest chapters on hm, it makes sense that things would pick up there, so I’m looking forward to it. Also on the note of Roy’s promotion, I’m personally averse to lords getting regular promotions cause it makes it feel less special, but I like dramatic things, and it’s really not a big deal. It should also be an even better way of fixing up his late promotion problem, so I’m down.

I honestly wish it was just possible to give certain units level30 as special classcap. Until he gets the Binding Blade, roy is basicly a FE11 Marth and considering he had the cap at level30 I think… Oh well, I guess knightscrest really is the more available fix for the problem of him sitting at level20 for too long.

Ngl, despite what I said earlier about difficulty, I think chapter 5 is really giving me a run for my money now, since the bottom half is based around you using the choke point, but enemies hit harder now, and nomads are bigger threats, so the best way to deal with that part is to snipe off enemies with Wolt and pincer attack the opponent using whoever took the northern half.

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