FE6 Mounted Mode

I gave everyone a mount. Every class except for Dancer, Bard, Transporter, Brigand, Pirate, and Berserker has increased movement. However, the last three have been buffed in a very specific way. In addition to this, there are several miscellaneous changes, such as Roy promoting with a knight crest, Thieves promoting to rogues, etc.

Disclaimer: This game is not properly balanced at all. I have no idea what the effects of allowing brigands to move two extra tiles will do. Some objectives, or even recruitment, will be impossible

The patch was made with a Prepatched rom (Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (U)(Translated) because I don’t have a vanilla ROM. If I can find a normal ROM, I will create a second patch



(the transporter is already a mounted unit but ok) sounds neat.

Different kind of mounted unit. The transporter is infantry speed iirc

Welp, my patch blew up and crashed…

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Heya, I patched the rom, and battle animations seem to just crash the game. Any idea why?

Nope. I’m 90% sure it’s the ROM though. I’ll remake the patch later