[FE6] Modifying Staff accuracy

Is there a way to easily modify the formula, ideally to just set it to 100% success rate at all time? I’m currently fooling around with removing as many RNG factors from FE6 as possible and while most things worked just fine, FEBuilders “Minimum Hit rate” patch unfortunately doesn’t apply to staves.

(oh yeah, edit for clarification and future reference: This does in fact refer to status staves; read Sleep, Silence and Berserk)

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You mean the ailment staves right? (Sleep etc etc)

AFAIK, GBA uses this formula:
Hit: 5*Mag + Skl + 30 (+0~25 depending on supports?)

The “30” in the above formula should be a very easy hex edit (in your case change it into FF(=255))

The problem is I don’t know where this formula is in the ROM.
But someone on this board should know where this value is.

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The value at 0x08025F9A (should be 1E by default) is added to staff hit rate, this should be what you’re looking for.

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Seems to have worked perfectly, thanks a bunch!