[FE6] Changing the text displayed when changing Roy's promotion

Yet another question regarding hacking this notoriously obtuse-to-hack game (why am I bothering, again??). I tried to do some digging around on my own within the game, experimented with a few things, but I can’t seem to figure out where this info would be stored, but HOPEFULLY it’s fairly simple?

So when using the event command ‘Make Hero Promotion’, we can of course move Roy’s automatic promotion to some other point in the game of our choosing. I chose to do this at the start of Chapter 17. There’s nothing wrong with the function itself, everything is working properly, except for ooooooone thing.

One might notice, when Roy promotes, the game text displays the Binding Blade as the promotion item being used during the promotion sequence, the same way it would display a Guiding Ring, Hero Crest, etc, for other units. But obviously, this doesn’t really make much sense if, at this point in the game, Roy does not actually have the Binding Blade yet.

So basically, I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about editing that text that is displayed. But I think I would need to figure out where the Promotion animations are stored, so that I could take a look at what text string each of them calls and edit it from there. This is what I cannot find. Is there anyone who would be able to help me out with this, or knows where I should be looking?

I’m using FE Builder primarily, but I do also have access to Nightmare (which I’ve used for a few things), FEditor, and Event Assembler (though I don’t really know how to read a disassembled event).

If you want to change the displayed promotion item for the forced promotion, the easiest way I’ve found is to change the byte at 0x06D0F0 from 0x0F (index number for the Binding Blade), to the index number for whatever item you want to use in its stead (or just 00 for no item displayed). FEBuilder contains a hex editor, so as long as you can jump to that exact byte, you should have no problem changing the value.

Note that the ASM function where this value is contained does not check if you even have the item in question, it just displays it, so if you want the promotion item to be dynamic (for some reason), that would require altering the ASM to a greater degree than I personally know how to do.

Hope this helps!

That is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you! That is an immense help. And yeah, I don’t need to change the promotion item to something that’s actually in the inventory, so that won’t be an issue; just being able to change it to blank even would be great.

(Though just for funsies I considered making the Displayed Item be the Fire Emblem, since that makes sense thematically, and since I could just overwrite the unused Bridge Key to put it in.)

Thanks again!

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