[FE6/7/8] Making Dancers/Bards Better

So, based partially on FE7x but also my own touches to it, I have a request for some ASM. It might not be doable, but if it is I’m sure others will be using it too.

I need a skill for Dancers and Bards. The skill will have two parts. The first part is FE7 only. It makes the dancer/bard revive the unit when they use a dancing ring on them. The second part is for FE6/7/8, and it makes the bard/dancer revive all adjacent units when using the regular Dance/Play ability.

So essentially, the dancer or bard now has two options. They can regular dance and revive 4 adjacent allies, or they can use a special dance and revive just one, but that one gets the benefits of the ring.

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