[FE5] Thracia 776 Reverse Recruitment

Update Log

V 1.03 (CURRENT): Fixes Fergus’s promotion in the English Menu patch version. The Japanese version is unchanged, as this glitch was only present in the English Menu patch version
V 1.02: Fixes a graphical glitch that occurred when looking at Alva’s PRF in chapter 10
V 1.01: Fixes Forseti to be magical instead of physical

I am very happy to announce the release of my FE5 Reverse Recruitment hack. For those that don’t know, a reverse recruitment hack is one that completely reverses the order in which characters are obtained throughout the game. So in the case of FE5, Galzus is the new lord. Rather than explaining, it’s probably easier to show some screenshots to demonstrate what I mean.



Important Note: The English version of this hack uses the “Unified Thracia” menu translation by ChimeraHardline, and all credit for the translation goes to Chimera. Details on the menu translation can be found here.

English Menu and RR Patch
Japanese RR Patch

These are IPS patches, so you will need an IPS patcher such as LunarIPS to apply them. You should apply these to an unheadered, .srm ROM version of Thracia 776. You will know the ROM is unheadered if the filesize is 4096 KB. It probably will not work if applied to the NP Rev A version of Thracia 776.


I have created a handy spreadsheet guide that covers recruitment, special events, and PRF weapons to help you as you are playing through FE5 RR.

Known Bugs/Issues

  • Character portraits are not changed during dialogue or story. I will probably work on this once a full English patch is released.
  • Some PRF weapons don’t include who they are for in the item description. Some say they are for a unit that they are not actually for (Eg: Hammerne still says it is for Safy). Make sure you check the spreadsheet guide if you need help figuring out who a PRF belongs to.
  • The cutscene after the prep screen in chapter 17A freezes the game. It is skippable, so press start as soon as you finish in the 17A prep screen.
  • The animation where Finn kills the boss of chapter 23 will skip itself. This is to prevent the game from freezing if the animation plays out.
  • Various animations are not correct (Eg: Unpromoted Deen has the female dragon rider animation instead of male)


Do characters have their normal growths? How did you calculate the character base stats?

Character growths are kept the same (Eg: Ced still has his insanely good growths from vanilla FE5, but now has room to grow and use them). Base stats were calculated by either leveling or “deleveling” characters to their new level, and adding in or subtracting promotion bonuses as necessary. When leveling or “deleveling”, all promotions were assumed to occur at level 10.

What about movement stars, leadership stars, and PCC?

Characters keep their movement stars and PCC (Eg: Galzus still has 5 movement stars and a PCC of 3). However, leadership stars are based on the character who is being replaced (Eg: Saias does not have 3 leadership stars. However, when Halvan is recruited in chapter 23, he will have 3 leadership stars). The leadership stars were done this way for 1) balance reasons; and 2) because leadership stars can be tricky to change for some characters.

What about Weapon Ranks?

Weapon ranks are based on the character that is being replaced. (Eg: Vanilla Dagdar had A rank in Axes, E rank in bows. Amalda, who replaces Dagdar, now has an A rank in swords, and an E rank in staves) I used some discretion when replacing mono-weapon characters with multi-weapon characters.

Why does Ronan have an E rank in Swords? He is a sniper!

This is because he needs to be able to use swords for the cutscene where he teaches Cain Astra in chapter 15, or the cutscene softlocks the game. Overall, I decided the impact of giving him E rank in swords was pretty low considering his join time and how slowly weapon ranks build in this game, you would have to grind the heck out of him to have him actually use an decent swords.

How do you get through Manster without a thief?

Every character that joins in the Manster arc now joins with 3 door keys in their inventory. This means there are enough door keys to get through and get all the chests in Manster just by recruiting all of the Manster units. Some enemies also carry door keys if you need more.

Why doesn’t Galzus have insane health like he does in vanilla?

Galzus’s HP was the one stat I decided to nerf from what it “should be”. Otherwise, he would have 40 HP at base. He is already a really strong Lord, he doesn’t need 40 HP.

It won’t work in my emulator. What should I do?

Use SNES9X. The English patch expands the size of the ROM, which some older emulators don’t like.

How did you make this?

This hack was done using Nightmare and hex editing in HxD.

Who are the route split characters?

A Route Characters: Brighton (Alva must be dead or unrecruited), Machyua, Lifis, Dagdar
B Route characters: Ronan, Marty, Eyvel

How do supports work?

Supports are based on the new characters. So Galzus only supports Mareeta, he doesn’t support 10 people or whatever like Leif does.


The English patch is the work of ChimeraHardline. Many thanks to ZaneAvernathy, for answering questions I had and also for providing much of the FE5 hacking documentation I used. Thanks to the authors of the FE5 nightmare modules, without which this project would not have been possible. Also thanks to Kirb who helped supply me with some documentation that I needed.


Playing this, been having fun. Btw, if you alter the portrait pointers rather than the portrait number each character uses, then the correct portraits do show up in dialogue and such

(This patch doesn’t actually work very well with the old Shaya patch, the menu display the wrong names, although it might actually be playable.)

Glad you’re having fun! Also thanks for that information, I will incorporate that into my first major update and get the portraits changed in cutscenes.

Yeah, I tested it with the Shaya patch and noticed that it didn’t seem to work well. I’m guessing as part of the patch, Shaya changed where the name pointers point and stored the English names in a different place in the ROM. I haven’t investigated fully yet, but I may look into that too, and release a version that is compatible with the Shaya patch.