[FE5] Project Exile - Thracia 776 Script and Menu Translation - FULLY COMPLETE AND RELEASED!


Project Exile
A Complete Thracia 776 Menu and Script Translation

Thracia 776 has long been the FE community’s white whale, but not anymore. Project Exile is a full translation patch which affects all chapters, all menus, all items, all epilogues, the intro and outro crawl, the world map, and much more. It makes Thracia 776 playable in its entirety, and was created using the remnants of Kirb’s patch as a foundation and merging Zane’s menu translation with it (as well as receiving considerable technical advice from him).

In addition, the script has been written from scratch, using a new translation done by myself. In the spirit of transparency, and to help disseminate this new translation more quickly, you can view complete PDFs of my translation here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aj36m6wh82be3dx/AADqxV-pZOVxn2-GA3OxPbUPa?dl=0

Project Exile represents a grand collaboration between many people from across the world, none of whom have ever met in person. Our translation team consisted of people from throughout the United States, France, and Austria, who all pooled their expertise and talents to make this patch a reality. We hope you enjoy this patch as much as we enjoyed making it!

Without further ado, download links follow below, as well as contact info and the Discord server the patch is being coordinated out of.

Download here
PE Discord for updates, support, and FE talk
Mirror on RHDN

PDFs of the script

Screenshot gallery


PLEASE NOTE: If you would prefer a video guide telling you how to patch the ROM, Mekkah has one prepared: https://youtu.be/dRfWIuuE2dY

  1. Obtain an unmodified, cartridge ROM of Thracia 776. I cannot help you do this. Your ROM should have the following checksum values:
    File MD5 C3FD1CAD754256D7A013864D917F47FA
    File SHA-1 75B504921D08E313FF58150E40121AC701884517
    File CRC32 FC519952
    If you don’t know what that means, this tool can help you: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1002/

  2. Extract your unmodified ROM, flips.exe, and ProjectExile104.bps to the same folder.

  3. Open flips.exe.

  4. Click the “Apply Patch” button.

  5. Select ProjectExile104.bps.

  6. Select your unmodified Thracia ROM.

  7. Choose a filename for the new, patched ROM. This is the ROM you’ll use to play Project Exile. Its checksums should now be equal to:
    ROM MD5 EEDD67FDD73A5F6D761DA46B9421EFDF
    ROM SHA-1 1BB7267A4B291EB107E18C7B69BB8131AD387DDF
    ROM CRC32 17F75FD7

IMPORTANT: If you receive an error message, it’s because you tried to patch the wrong ROM. Make sure your ROM’s checksum values are equal to those provided above.

IMPORTANT: Not all emulators are compatible with Project Exile, because the ROM has been expanded. It will work with Snes9x and bsnes without any additional effort on your part. PE is also compatible with the ZSNES 8MB custom build.

IMPORTANT: If this is your first time playing Thracia 776, I HIGHLY recommend using the Unit Ordering Patch found in the Optional folder.

Further Updates, Discord, and Contact Info:

This patch is coordinated out of a Discord server. To keep up to date with the newest developments, join the Discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/cVRt5CM

Known issues:

  • In the shop menu, certain characters of description text will temporarily remain on screen after moving the cursor to another item
  • The Sound Room is not yet translated

To preempt some additional questions:

“What’s your stance on names from Heroes content?”

If it’s in mainline Heroes content OR was in Awakening, I’ll use it. Names from Heroes supersede names from Awakening (so “Loptous” in favor of “Loptyr”, for instance). However, this has one exception: names that were ONLY in the CYL poll for Heroes will be ignored. If this sounds arbitrary, that’s because it is. Joking aside, though, with names like “Carrion” it’s easy to get the impression that the CYL list was probably a rush job and shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

“What’s your stance on Project Naga?”

To be clear, I and my team have absolutely no involvement in Project Naga whatsoever. However, to avoid confusion, since most players will be coming from Project Naga’s FE4, any names that were used in PN will be used here as well, provided they aren’t contradicted by Heroes material (so retaining location names such as “Connaught” over “Conote”, for instance). PN was how I was exposed to FE4 to begin with, and I think BoH and the PN team did a stellar job, so this is the least I can do.

Thanks and Acknowledgments:

Script Translation, Localization, and Text Insertion by Cirosan
Based on a patch architecture first developed by Kirb
Incorporating Zane’s FE5 menu translation
ROM expansion by Kirb and dn

Project Lead:

Lead Script Editor:

Lead Playtester:

Lead Programmers:

Lead Graphic Designer:

World Map Editing:
Robert of Normandy

Title Screen Design:

“The Ballad of Yied” written by:
Sam Heitzer

Additional Script Editors:

Additional Playtesting:

Additional Programming:

Additional Graphic Design:

Lead Script Editors Emeritus:
Alan Smithee

Special Thanks:
And everyone else who helped make this project a reality.

Both Kirb and Zane have continued to provide me with technical advice, and I’d like to stress that this patch would not have been possible without them.
This patch would not be possible without the ROM expansion performed by Kirb and dn, and I wish to thank them again.

Have fun!

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Thought I would post this since I was one of the first people who saw it by chance. If we want a good FE5 Thracia translation this is it.

If you don;t want to watch the video

  1. He needs someone to to expand the Rom for a 8mb patch
  2. Working with Snes fonts
  3. Someone to change text written on the map into current translation (Project Naga compliant)

Uh… This is literally the topic for that very patch. I’m not sure what you hope to accomplish by posting that here.


An update is now available in the OP. The script is now complete through chapter 11, and numerous other small bugs have been fixed. The scripts for the three new chapters (9, 10, and 11) are also now available in the .zip archive in the OP.


An update is now available in the OP. Four new chapters have been translated, making the script complete through chapter 13. Notably, this means that the game is now over halfway translated (18/35 chapters)! To keep things consistent with how the patch has progressed, I’ve also gone through all previous scripts and revised them accordingly. Finally, the scripts for the four new chapters (11x, 12, 12x, and 13) are also now available in the .zip archive in the OP.


What a boss! Thank you for all your hard work :slight_smile:

Now here you like men?


An update is now available in the OP. Three new chapters (14, 14x, and 15) have been translated, making the script complete through chapter 15. The scripts for the new chapters are also now available in the .zip archive in the OP.

Also, a version of the patch with the vanilla command order (a.k.a., the “Top Wait” order) is also available.

Finally, the Project Exile discord has been opened to the public again - an invite link is in the OP.


An update is now available in the OP. Four new chapters (16A, 17A, 16B, and 17B) have been translated, making the script complete through the route split. The scripts for the new chapters are also available in the .zip archive in the OP.


An update is now available in the OP. Five new chapters (18, 19, 20, 21, and 21x) have been translated, making the script complete through Chapter 21. The scripts for the new chapters are also available in the .zip archive in the OP.

Only five more chapters are left.


Script insertion is complete, and the game’s dialogue, closing text crawl, and character epilogues are now fully translated (you can see the scripts in the discord server, by the way). However, I’ve agreed to briefly delay releasing so our hacking team can complete additional technical elements, like implementing a new menu font that’s much easier to read, inserting a new, edited world map, and a few other things. The finished Project Exile patch will be released by or before the end of this month.

Oh, and since I’m all too aware of the Thracia Curse and how people tend to vanish, I’ve already sent copies of the script-complete patch to several key team members, with instructions that if I suddenly fall off the face of the Earth, they are to release it. Maybe that’s a little paranoid, but you can’t be too careful once you get this close to the finish line.

It won’t be much longer. Millennium approaches.


Project Exile will be released on Friday, May 31st, at 6:00pm EST - that’s two days from now.

This is a full translation which affects all chapters, all menus, all items, all epilogues, the intro and outro crawl, the world map, and much more. It makes Thracia 776 playable in its entirety.

However, this will not be the final version of the patch - updates will come in the following months that will change the menu font, for those who dislike it, as well as make small tweaks and fixes to other features. Please note that the version released on Friday will be fully playable and is 95% complete.

For updates and support, join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/aDCnGVu

The release will also be posted in this thread, of course.

If you are new to Thracia, or are unsure of your ability to patch a ROM, I’ve been collaborating with Mekkah, who will have a beginner’s guide and how-to-patch video prepared by then. However, despite its reputation, I assure you that a blind playthrough is entirely feasible, and our localization has taken minor liberties to warn against the most common problems.

I look forward to delivering you the missing chapter in the Jugdral saga. See you soon.


literally years since i’ve been this excited for a project release

long live thracia!


It is my esteemed pleasure to announce that the patch has been released, and is available for download in the OP. Please read the Readme carefully and follow all of the instructions. If you need help patching your ROM, our Discord server is ready to lend you a hand.

Welcome to Thracia. I hope you have as much fun with the patch as we had making it.

The curse is broken!


I never thought I would see the day that every Fire Emblem game could be played fully in English. Congrats to the whole Exile team for making history!


Thanks man, been wanting to play this game for a while. I dont like to play incomplete games. You have my gratitude man. :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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What a milestone, congrats lads

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ok, this is epic. You are all legends!


Un-fucking-believable. I remember trying to play through Thracia countless times ten or more years ago with endless problems - cannot wait to dive back into Jugdral again with the definitive translations that have cropped up in my absence.

Thank you for your contribution to the fandom, guys. You’re truly legendary.

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I dunno if everyone has reported on this, but this NPC has the wrong portrait
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