[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

You get it on 22 in a talk between Perne and Tina. Yes it can fix staves.

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Any tips on finding the secret shops in 21x or 22?

Secret shops always have some kind of landmarks. Check out suspicious places.

Hint that almost seems like an answer

In chapter 21x, it’s on the stairs.
In chapter 22, it’s in the ruins.


  • One of the routes Shannan joined at the beginning of Chapter 21 will now be joined by Scathach instead. (Shannan no longer joins if you take the coastal route.)
  • Changed Sleuf’s personal skill; if you have him, the experience of all allies will increase by 30 at the end of the map (if the current experience is 70 or more, it will increase to 99).
    • The effect of this skill will be effective even if Sluef is not deployed.
    • In Elite mode, the experience gained from this skill is also doubled.
    • Having an Elite skill does not affect the experience they receive with this skill.
  • Changed the effect of Lakche’s personal skill “Gutsy”; Hit, Avo, and Attack Speed do not decrease even when Tired state. The former effect has gone.
  • Changed the effect of Shannan’s personal skill “Sword Saint”; it increases the activation rate of swordplay skills (Astra, Luna, Sol) by 20. The former effect has gone.
  • Fixed an issue where the item descriptions for the Brave Lance and Pugi were broken.
  • Fixed some incorrect map animation for Arch Knight (female) and Bow Knight (female).
  • Fine adjustments to game balance:
    • Lowered Lakche’s initial level and raised Ares’ initial level (ability remains unchanged).
    • Increased Shannan’s growth rate.
  • Corrected some English dialogue.

Does promoting unmounted units makes sense? The stats seems lower.

Who is the best candidate for baron class stats-wise?

If I promote Lara to fighter fighter thief or sword master can she still promote to Dancer in chapter 12x? The chapter where Pran is the boss can be recruited with Tina and Trude.

I’m not sure what you mean, but one thing I will say is that when you have two choices, not all of them are necessarily better for you just as it always is in life.


Promotions at the event do not matter what their current class is.

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Can Tina promote to Valkyrie? What classes she can promote to?
/// Found it: High Priestess and Sage: クラスチェンジ(昇格)リスト

Dagda would be the best candidate for porter proof because of his high HP?

Is possible to wake enemy once he is put to sleep?

Malloch shows notification for talk when he is put to sleep but as we know we can’t speak to sleeping enemy.


Malloch has tendency to move against the party as soon as player’s unit move south from the beginning of the first 1 turn. It’s a litlle hard if you want to capture the Bishop with Meteor visit arena and the house without having him engage your units. Is it possible to delay his assault to like turn 5? So you have time to visit the houses kill some enemies, earn XP and then have Krallion talk with him.

Would making a shooter class being able to use regular bows be feasible? It’s nice to have this class but its usabilitiy is limited because ammo is hard to get. Expensive. 24 thousand gold for 10 missiles is a lot.

Do what you want. There is no one right answer.

States are persistent. Enemy states will be removed in some cases, such as when an enemy uses Restore staff, but in this map, states are never removed.

It is technically possible to prevent bubbles from appearing if talk is not possible, but since there is no other way to confirm the existence of a talk event, the possibility of missing it increases, which is a disadvantage to players. Therefore, I have left it displayed in any case.

Malloch’s troops are going to move to a fixed position in 1-2 turns, but will change their behavior to prioritize attacking when a player unit is within their attack range. You can ignore them from the 3rd turn on, as they end their movement on the 2nd EP.

Quincrane is a shooter class that can mount/unmount. They can use regular bows when dismounted.

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Is it possible to increase Con beyond 25 for units with steal ability?

Ma’am instead when addressing woman.



i don’t think u can steal 25 wt wp, but u can break enemy and use thief staff

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I was wondering if there was an item like guard lance that adds boost.
What does the green name in support tab mean? Greyed out mean the unit is not present on the map.

Is there recommended way to level up transporter?

If unit has elite skill can it use multiple S ranked different weapons when they have class A?

EDIT: How do you get Mareeta in chapter 12 Forest of Dacia? There is a cutscene with Sias and Marteea before map starts but that’s it. EDIT: She appeared on 4 turn all good. Lief is able to talk to her. I’d recommend for Nanna to be able to talk to Mareeta too since they know each other being both captured at the same time.

Minor question, It is possible to make it so all secret units can join in casual mode like with Patricia?


Kane/Alva are impossible to get in casual due to Finn/Othin auto-joining
Same with Femina (Fee/Karin join when freeing Leif in Manster) and Gomez (he doesn’t get recruited even if Dagdar stays a green unit)
There might be others I missed

U can read the guide provided for secret unit recruit, u can only kill unit in casual if they are green or red unit

is there a easy way to kill galzus in chapter 5, idt evyel can solo all the way till he spawn. And chapter 6 ced just leave way too early

Unless it’s been changed you can trick ced by leaving enemies alive on the top of the map so that he’s still around when the enemy bosses show up, this means he’ll keep fighting and not leave the map, even being around to kill galzus

sleep him in chapter 6 with the sleep edge

oh yeah i forgot about it, i was saving it for late shinanigen.

Quick question, is there a reason why Larcei and Scathach cannot use Balmung with paragon or Bragi’s Blade?

Con limit for on foot (unmount) class is 25.

I’ll fix them in the next update.

Green names indicate green units.

No. If you want a high level transporter, it is advisable to level up before promotion.

I’m not sure what you want to ask, but probably yes.

That’s fair. I will add in future updates.

Since the alternative units are alternates, I did not think much about allowing them to join when the original unit does not disappear. But that would limit the scope of play in casual mode, I will consider some other requirement to be able to replace them.

The item ID is incorrectly specified, now they can only equip Balmung when the true name is opened. I will fix them to be able to equip “Mareeta’s Sword” in the next version. As for Bragi’s, they can equip it in the current version.

I’m busy with other work this month, so the next update will probably be at least next month or later.


Updated. I said I would not update this month, but I don’t feel good about leaving issues that can be easily fixed, so I only fixed what I could fix right away.

  • Corrected the English dialogue in chapters 11x and 21.
  • Fixed an issue where Scathach and Lakche could not use Mareeta’s sword even if they learned Elite. Because the item ID was incorrectly specified, the item could only be equipped when the true name was opened.