[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776


  • Fixed the dialogue at the start of Chapter 4x where Phee was speaking Dalsin’s dialogue in English mode.
  • Lowered Reincock’s magic power in Chapter 16B (made him an easier target for the Thief staff).
  • Added “Fatg” to the display when looking at the specification of the staff on the stats screen. Output the fatigue value added when using it.
    • Corresponds to changes value according to difficulty and halving with a Cleric ring.
    • The number will be green if the value has halved.
    • For processing reasons, the halved value is not displayed in the supply and the trade screen.
Fixes related to the alternative unit
  • Fixed Shannam’s appearance event in Chapter 14 so that when Homer joins in the 1st turn, he appears without any dialogue with Homer.
  • Added a conversation between Shannam and Homer after Shannam joins in Chapter 16B (dialogue only). Homer will not be able to recruit Shannam now, but instead I have prepared a conversation after he joins your party.

Updated. Thanks to the player who reported issues.

  • To improve balance, some ally units’ inventory has been swapped in Chapter 21. The total number of items you can obtain remains the same.
  • Added unique shield palettes for Cain and Alva’s Lance Knight, Duke Knight, Alva’s Paladin, and Great Knight in the real combat animation.
  • Changed Sety’s personal skill to “Wind User”. Avo and Crit increase when equipped with a wind magic.
  • Changed Althena’s personal skill to “Expert Lancer”. AS and Crit increase when equipped with a lance.
  • Corrected dialogue in Chapters 1, 2, 4, and 16A, a typo of Bow Knight, and some skill descriptions.
Fixes related to the alternative unit
  • Changed the requirements for recruiting Lakche in Chapter 21 to “defeat Galzus in Chapter 5 or 6, or Mareeta has not joined or has died”.
  • Fixed the issue where the English names of Hannibal and Lakche’s personal skills were overflowing from the window.
  • Fixed incorrect portrait in Homer’s escape quote.

If Troubadour and Sword Fighter can also be equipped with Lance and Axe, it will become a force even when dismounting from the horse.


Hannibal? The one from chapter 7?


Yes. He now has the skill only to show in Chapter 7!

This information did not really need to be hidden, but it was listed with the hidden character’s fix, so he got caught up in it.

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Updated. These are only text corrections and do not affect gameplay.

  • Added the missing English descriptions for Rusted Sword, Rusted Lance, Rusted Axe, Astra (weapon), Luna (weapon), and Sol (weapon).
  • Added the “Weapon rate” (Weapon level increase rate) to the Guide section. This is one of the extremely important rule changes, but since there was no explanation in the game, I added it this time. More information about this rule change can be found on my blog.
  • Added explanation of the “Drop” command to the Guide section. I assumed it was already there, but it was not.
  • Changed the description of “Release” and “Steal” in the Guide section (added that the command can be used even if it is grayed out).

Updated. Thanks to the player who reported issues.

  • Fixed sort order was not set for Horse Killer.
  • Fixed a hang-up when used Again staff.
  • Changed Act Ring, Command Ring, and Super Proof from unmergeable to mergeable. Can be merged beyond the maximum now.
  • Changed so that Linoan cannot use Porter Proof.
    • This is because she has an event to promote, could change from Transporter to another class. Also I think this fits with the explanation that leaders cannot use it because Linoan joins as Lord.
  • Partially corrected the content of “Weapon level increase rate” in the Guide (changed misleading expressions).
  • Added a note to the “Deploy” in the Guide that the L button can be used to automatically select the minimum number of people to sortie. This is a new feature added with this hack, but no one noticed it because it wasn’t explained in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where some skill names were incorrect when viewing the Guide’s skill list on Snes9X EX+ (Android).
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About Homer, if I let Asbel been captured I cannot recruit Homer, right?

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Yes. Prisoners of war are treated as alive.

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Updated. Thanks to the player who reported issues.

  • Changed Weapon M from unmergeable to mergeable. Can be merged beyond the maximum now.
  • Fixed an issue where an Act Ring could not be used after promotion. This is a bug when the upper bit of Vigor★ is used as a promoted flag. The correct specification is that you can use it as many times as you like until Vigor reaches 5 stars, regardless of promoted (Vigor is green) or not.
  • Fixed an issue where units with a Knight Ring could not move again after trading, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where Hammerne could not repair a staff when units with only tools or staves were adjacent to each other.
  • Fixed a case where if the attacker was broken by a counterattack, a re-action would occur and the break would be resolved. Changed so that when putting into a break state, no re-action occurs.
  • Fixed an issue where Hannibal could be carried by anyone.
  • Added a process to force them to reappear one at a time if there are people who cannot appear because their appearance location is blocked when Hannibal’s team appears in Chapter 7.
  • Fixed an issue where Finn and Saffi were having a remote conversation during the 2nd turn event of Chapter 7, when Saffi had returned in Chapter 4x and Finn had not returned.
  • Fixed an issue where if Marty returned in Chapter 4x and was taken prisoner by Chapter 7, he would reappear in Chapter 8 as a Level 1 Mountain Thief.
  • Changed so that the non-target flag is raised when the Lenster Army becomes an NPC in Chapter 18. Fistfights between lieutenants no longer occur.
  • Fixed an issue where the BGM would stop when using “Talk” command in the preparation of Chapter 20.
  • Fixed an issue where the same flag was used when the Wind Sword Chest is opened or Royalguards appeared in Chapter 21x.
  • The maximum number of deployable members in Chapters 22, 23, and 24 has been increased by 1. This is to account for the increased number of alternative units.
  • Fixed an issue where units that were supposed to join were sometimes turned into NPCs when the number of allied units was close to 48 and there was space available.
    • When converting an enemy to an ally, the hang was avoided by only determining if the 48th unit was available, but now the process is made to check for all 48 units and check if there is a vacancy.
  • Added a note to “Porter” in the Guide section that those who belong to a different affiliation than the protagonist cannot use this command.
  • Corrected some English text.
Fixes related to the alternative unit
  • Fixed an issue with Lenster Army in Chapter 9, even if you met the requirements to make them an ally were met, you talked to Selphina while carrying Lenster Army, they would not become an ally.

I was wondering, your blog says that Tinny can use Thorhammer but idk how to actually get it. Blume and Ishtar cannot be captured and have magic shield so you can use the thief staff and iirc it weights 25

by the way, I found this

Hmm, the game crashed after I use destroy to destroy a wall and when I move to a door the game crashed

Thank you for the report. I’ve corrected the two points you raised.

The Tome weighs 0 when broken. That is, if you withstand their attacks 50 times, you can steal it.

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Updated. Thanks to the player who reported issues.

  • Fixed a case in which Lara would multiply when opening Lifis’ prison in Chapter 4.
  • Fixed a bug in Chapter 8 that the map could not be started when Marty will appear as an enemy.

Updated. Thanks to players who reported issues.

  • The real battle animations ported from FE4 for Forrest, Patti (Thief, Master Thief), and Daisy (Thief) were restored to their original graphics and actions. Because they were hanging when evading long-range magic.
  • Fixed an issue where Helarn would hang in real combat animation (changed to forced map combat).
  • Fixed an issue where the personal skills “Swordbane” and “Allowbane” were always triggered without determining the opponent’s weapon type.
  • For the personal skill “Return”, fatigue was added when leaving, similar to withdrawal in casual mode, but this has been removed. Since it is undesirable to do something that is not stated in the skill description.
  • Corrected some English text.

Found what I think is a bug.

The Short Bow can only initiate combat at 1-range, but it can counterattack at 2-range.
Tanya had it equipped and got attacked by a Javelin-wielding Soldier at 2-range, but counterattacked with the Short Bow.

Enemies with Short Bow do not counterattack if attacked at 2-range.

This is the specification for the Charge skill that Tanya has. Charge allows counterattacks to an area of 1 wider than the holder’s attack range.

Almost all of the skills now have different effects and activation triggers than the original, have a look at them. The details of each Learned Skill are listed in the in-game Guide. Open the Guide from the map menu and go to Unit → Skill List.


Updated. Thanks to the player who reported issues.

  • Restructured some events of chapter 4.
  • Fixed the proliferation of Kempf when he talked to Leif in Chapter 16.
  • Removed code that was left for testing at the start of chapter 21.
  • Fixed a problem in which the personal skill “Gutsy” was not working.
  • Fixed sort order of Illume.
  • The process of turning enemies and NPCs into allies, changed the process so that it does nothing when it tries to join a unit ID that is already an ally. This is a foolproof measure to prevent unit proliferation and does not change the external specifications.
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It turns out Ishtore’s appearance in Chapter 5 as the anti-turtle is pretty easy to deal with. Lifis can outrun him and distract him infinitely by looping around the right side of the map. He can grab the treasure in the meantime and escape out the bottom left.

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