[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

I miss being able to put that screen in the tile of my unit since now the minus button has another function

Hi again! I am curious if it would be possible to add some kind of dialogue interaction between Mareeta and Ced. I was thinking about it recently and there are a decent amount of parallels between them character-wise that might be interesting to explore further, so it might be fun to add a talk or some type of event between them in the lategame.

To be honest, I don’t think the chests in chapter 5 worth the effort to obtain since Eyvel gets berserked in turn 12 and she is going to kill Mareeta very easy so. It’s potential to me for a softlock

GG, time to restart this shit

Galzus died because he captured Nanna and I had to kill him with Leif, so I flee away after that

You can have Nanna take the iron blade away before she gets berserked having Eyvel basically just tank Mareeta while you go for the chests

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LOL Miranda my beloved

You have a point. It might be a good idea to let the each boss have it to ease the stress of the escape.

I thought no one used the select button in vanilla. :-p

Of course it is technically possible, but I do not have any ideas for the content. So no plans to implement it at this time. If I come up with something, it might be implemented.

Just like you write, I think some modification is needed. Because this chest is not fun to be either in vanilla or in this hack and there is no narrative reason to have the chest here. (Who put it there?) I thought it would be nice to at least have a funny gimmick related to this chest, I will include something in the next update.


Larcei has the immortality skill, why

there is something I don’t get, Ced should not lose AS due to his magic being 29 but thoron making him lose -4 of AS. Is this due to the vanilla AS formula or something else?

It is not intended. I will check and if she has that skill, remove it in the next update.

Note that skills are recorded in the saved data. If you load the already joined data after that update is done, the skill will remain learned.

His weight reduction value is 7, since weight reduction always uses Str/2 even for Tomes. Thoron has 11 weight, his AS is reduced by 4.

Changing the formula does not change the AS calculation. This is because the weight reduction value of the cavalry units would be enormous if Vanilla formula were applied.

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I see, thanks for clarifying it.

It would be neat if Map B - B were the map theme in chapter 25, the theme doesn’t sounds too much and I think would be fit very well in the context of the story due to how the theme is but that’s my interpretation of the theme so I don’t know what you think (apart ofc that is the theme in 24x in ST lol)

Eyvel has it too now, kinda fun because I like Eyvel a lot

oh well, looks like she doesn’t lol

I am sure that the current music of chapter 25 is not fun. There is room for other music. However, I didn’t intend to use Map B much because it was for the world map. Perhaps I should be flexible, as that thought limits my options.

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To be honest Map B is the perfect theme for the chapter imo because of reasons I said but if you think another is better you can change the chapter theme with that theme you think it would be better

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  • Added a fun gimmick to Chapter 5. It is triggered when a stalker appears.
  • Added S-drink to Chapter 5 Bandol and Chapter 6 Truman’s possessions.


  • Fixed autoend turns where unit information would appear at the bottom of the screen before the turn end depending on the processing timing and it made a messy display.
  • Fixed some units were unintentionally invincible.
  • Fixed a case in which game over did not occur when Leif was taken off the map by the enemy.

Is there an ending where Miranda marries Leif instead of Nanna? I think read about this on the thread/guide but I’m not sure.

Only if certain conditions are met does Leif propose to Miranda, and Nanna views it. (Even in this case, due to the fateful forces of history, Miranda elopes with the knight, and Leif marries Nanna in their epilogues).

Big update!

All non-generic units now have unique personal skills, based on their character. Most of them have modest effects, but some units have powerful skills that they break existing rules or have recreated vanilla systems. Enjoy!

Here are some of the fun skills:


And I’ve added several items that can be substitutes for removable skills. Instead of filling up one item slot, they give you a powerful effect. They cannot be traded on the map, so you cannot rob or steal if enemies have them. You can only get them with the Thief staff. (Sometimes ally units will have them when they join.)

Here are added items:

  • Garrison Shield: Enemy’s and own AS to 0 in combat, Pursuit and Adept will no longer be activated. In other words, it is the Wary Fighter effect.
  • March Ring: Holder’s Mov+1. Just having it works. This effect stacks even if there is more than one.
  • Cleric Ring: If the unit have it, it halves the fatigue when using the staff (round up fractions). This effect does not stack even if there is more than one.

Note: This update can be transferred the save data from the previous version (personal skills will be added automatically), but will not replenish for additional items that allies may bring.

Additionally, 4 highly requested alternative units have been added.

Details of alternative units (Spoilers)
  • In Chapter 9, Lenster soldiers will now join as player units when certain player units are dead. The relations are as follows: Cain and Finn, Alva and Othin, Robert and Tanya. When they join, they are given a name and changed their personal skills. If they join as player units, Selphina’s authority star will not increase.
  • In Chapter 14, if Asbel is dead or has not joined, Homer will now appear as a player unit when Nanna visits the house.

Finally, this update includes the following fixes:

  • Tina and Parn in Chapter 12x have been changed so that Parn is on the throne and does not move in normal mode. On Hard and Maniac, Tina will be on the throne and Parn may move.
  • Ralph in Chapter 14 has been changed so that he will only appear if Shiva is dead or not joined. Also, Ralph will no longer bring the scroll of Hezul if you already has it. This is a fix for issues that wasn’t taken into consideration when Shiva became to be able to join in Chapter 13.

Happy 24th Anniversary of Thracia 776! Last September 1, Thracia 776 celebrated the 24th years. And it is also 1 year since this hack released version 1.0. With your help I have improved the quality a lot in the last year. Thank you all very much! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Needless to say, I originally wanted to release this on the day of the anniversary, but there were some difficulties in adding the playable units and the schedule was postponed. As you know there are other units that need to be implemented. Some of the things already declared in this topic will be implemented in later updates.