(FE4) Changing weapon type

I’ve been making a hack where every character is Sigurd, including having the same class, same (base) growths, etc. However, I’m wanting to keep the rest of the legendary weapons in play. The Balmug, Missiletainn and the Gae Bolg shouldn’t be a problem (and I have been able to test the latter to know it’s not) but I’m stumped as what to do with the Yewfelle, Forseti, and Naga. I changed their weapon type in Nightmare, but that doesn’t work; it’s clearly still trying to load bow animations for the Yewfelle, and it sometimes locks. Someone told me to just change the weapon’s name, but that doesn’t work either. I’ve tried giving the Lord Knight A rank in bows and importing some of the animation data over from the Master Knight, but the animation is still weird and the HP depletion routine doesn’t work if attacking a bow user (I think; I just tested it in the arena.) I’d rather not just remove those weapons (or turn them into more Tyrfings) if I can avoid it.

Also, the animation for receiving the Yewfelle is messed up, and sometimes (but not always) locks the game. I have no idea how to solve that.