FE4 cap stats

My current knowledge of how caps work in FE4 is that they are equal to the class’s bases + 15; also that changing them to go above a certain point (31?) for player units will cause them to circle back around to 0.

I’m wondering, is it possible to change the cap stat equation to be bases + 20 instead?
Also, has anyone figured out how to change the upper limit of player unit caps to go above 30?

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Usually a hard cap of 31 or 63 means that the game only stores a certain amount of bits for that value.
31 is the highest value possible with 5 bits (11111 in binary). If the game overflows after that, it means that there’s no more bits to use for that stat.

You’d have to change how the game saves stat data.

I figured upper caps would be something like that. What about the ‘base + 15 = caps’, I’m sure there’s a simple way through hex editors to change that like with FE5’s caps.