FE3 Randomizer

I made a FE1 randomizer previously, but my dream has always been to have a Monshou randomizer instead. So, after a bit of monkeying around, I managed to write a FE3 randomizer in Python. Currently it only affects Book 1’s characters and enemies, as those are the only ones I’d actually want to randomize.

Characters, classes, items, and levels are all selected at random, but like with my FE1 randomizer, those things have been seperated into categories of rarity to balance the game out. You’re very unlikely to start with Hero with the Miracle Rapie, I mean, Miracle Sword, for example. To avoid having to fight invisible enemies, I did not include classes whose sprites would only appear on certain maps.

Fortunate Son_00000
So Bad_00000
Fortunate Son_00001
Ten Years Gone_00000

I’ll likely add features like randomized shops in the future, but for now, this is a fun thing to play with. It actually seems to be better balanced than my FE1 randomizer, which is good because Monshou is a better game in every category.

So the randomizer is a simple little program where you select a source ROM, set the seed (or leave ? for random), and click compile to generate random FE3 ROMs. I’ve only tested it with the good translation (the RPGuy96/VincentASM one), but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with other ROMs.

Get here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a5IuaD74ZsL6n3pukP0NuqlV7WTfxNs8/view?usp=sharing
Feedback welcome. :slight_smile:


would this work on biraku emblem

No idea, never played that. If it uses all the vanilla items/classes, and the formatting of the data is all the same, then it might.

It seems that switching the unit IDs around makes it so that no characters can be recruited properly. I’m doing a run and haven’t been able to talk to any recruitable characters with anyone.