[FE3] Help? I think I may have hit anti-piracy...?

makes Jagen Lord Oh game crashed. Jagen face, Marth data. moves someone Uh-


Anyone know what this means? It triggers after I move a unit. Maybe it’s annoyed I’m using bosses as blue units or using an unused class, I don’t know a lick of Japanese. Hopefully it isn’t title… Pressing A resets me to title.

(The blank next to the cav is a ballistician. Blue ballistas are really weird.)

I know the game crashes if Marth isn’t the character number of the Lord. I think it gets annoyed if the character numbers don’t equal the proper characters. It runs when I change faces, then JAPANESE MESSAGE DELIVERED BY ANNA. Course, it might be just “Game over! No data found. Please restart!” but I didn’t apply any patches. If it matters, I’m using ZSNES.

kiroku means record, so I’m pretty sure she’s telling you there’s no save found and to restart

otherwise it’s something like “no data found. please restart the game”

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h ttps://youtu.be/5zFLqD6eLKU (This is meant to be a link to the video.)

All those freaky Game Overs. Seriously, even ending turn kills you. Did Jagen learn dark magic and curse my ROM?

きろくが ありません
はじめか やりなおしてください

kirokuga arimasen
hajimeka yarinaoshitekudasai

[google translate]
“There is no record,
Introduction or try again please”.

I already translated it

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