FE17 Feature Wish List

There is an actual Nintendo Direct tomorrow, and with the chance of them announcing another FE game, I wanted to make this thread. Respond with features that you think will be in the new game, or hope will be in the new game.

The purpose of this thread is to look back once FE17 really does release so that we can see which of us with our guesses.

For me, I hope for:

1_) A game with similar length to FE10, just without the army changes.

2_) Again from FE10, T3 classes that actually make a difference with stat caps.

3_) Extra weapon ranks to accommodate the length of the game.

4_) And if none of these, then a game with split stories that is somewhere between Fates and 3H, but actually good and an actual split.


The ultimate avatar, Krobrrinleth


bring back the silent avatar from japanese awakening because that’s funny

  1. Pair Up/Rescue. Adjuants suck. 'Nuff said.
  2. An avatar who isn’t the main lord (like Robin and Kris).
  3. Multiplayer. Please.
  4. Postgame of any kind, like the 3ds ones. None of that NG+ shit.
  5. An actual class progression system like GBA/3ds had, or I reclass system like FE11/FE12. Not like 3h though, that one is bad.
  6. Weapons locked to classes.
  7. No reused maps I swear to god please route splits are fine just don’t reuse goddamn maps.
  8. characters that aren’t one dimensional or played for jokes (bernadetta and funny footsteps moment)
  9. Actually make it look good. 3h looks awful and glitches all over.
  10. Get the FEH people to make the cutscenes the 3H ones are fugly.

if we are forced to live with avatars from now on, at least give us one that isn’t immediately treated as a god by everyone around them (or MAYBE even one who doesn’t end up as such a deity figure but that may already be too much to ask for). gotta HUSTLE for that authentic power fantasy, at the very least :triumph:

but seriously, don’t give us another corrin or byleth, it’s the one big wish i have for a curse we’ll have to live with as is. thanks for coming to my ted talk, and shit.


The chances of it happening is a bit slim, but I hope they sorta go back to chapter to chapter story. Fe 9 and 10 would be cool with the base idea. As much as I love 3H, the monastery made the pacing waaay too slow especially if you wanted to use it optimally.

I will also like to see the class system revamped and improved, because female mages cannot learn fiendish blow. Who thought that was a good idea. Dark magic is near useless and locked to male classes. Honestly the class system was just unpolished.


What I would hope for.
A single, high-quality route.
Classes should make a difference, somehow.
Less customization. I like when everyone is a defined class, thank you. Three Houses was good for experimentation, let’s stop that now. Experiment some other way.
I do hope they experiment one way or another, still. Just not the same way Three Houses did.
Would be cool if they changed the setting. Like, modern war story, or science fiction, or steampunk, just would still be Fire Emblem plot and gameplay, hah. I think that’d be cool.
Please give me my weapon triangle. I like my weapon triangle.

As for what I think will happen…
Peh. Probably way more Three Houses type-stuff. It got them money, didn’t it. XD


If they dedicate more time to the gameplay rather than the story I hope they make it so if you decide you don’t like the story you can skip it and the game will tell you the story stuff that affects gameplay, that’s something a lot of romhacks would benefit from because being honest the average romhack story isn’t that good (the average person isn’t a good writer)


All I want is “FE Echoes: Kris Goes to Jugdral”. This is what all of us want, IS, if you are reading.


Simple, a Remake of Genealogy of the Holy War/Thracia 776


Localize Berwick


I just don’t want Three Houses 2.0. That’s about the only realistic thing I can ask for from IS.


good graphics and traditional class system. I liked the free roam aspect of 3h so maybe keep a free roam base type thing. Honestly, no matter what it is (unless it’s like a lousy spin-off) I’ll probably buy it anyway.


A game people won’t hate 6 months after playing it.

Alternatively, Fates style generics, skill scrolls, and no loading screens



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No game. Please put this series down already Nintendo


I want zero avatars, no my units, no player created units. Absolutely none.


If it’s anything just an fe4 remake

If it’s gotta be a new game
Three tier promotions
Crusader Scroll type thing
Bonus XP
Chapter by Chapter
Multiple Parties that come together for a finale
and instead of a static location like a monastary how about like a war camp that changes based on the war path you are making like for example using Path of Radiance the first few chapters you can explore Greil merc camp but then as you move on it turns into the war camp as you conquer daein and you can see refugees and civilians praising you as liberators as you go back into crimea.

  • An avatar who is customizable but not broken and is not the main lord, just an ally who gives perspective to the inside of the army.
    In other words, no more mary sues .-.
  • Actually regarding dead units instead of pretending they never existed.
  • Bring capture back.
  • Decent desert maps that aren’t “Just spam desert tile” and “waste turns for bone rng”
  • Bonus EXP and base, but no playable world map. Traveling to the country you just escaped from is not only suicidal and plot-contradictory, it’s also a logistical nightmare.
  • An actual sense of time progression. Like, guys, Archanea has been using medieval weaponry and architecture for over 3.000 years…

Call me crazy, but a game with a strong protagonist which expands upon the world exploring aspects of Echoes.

Not only do you walk through dungeons, but through towns/villages/castles as well.

Something which plays more akin to a final fantasy RPG, but with the strategy combat and diverse characters which I love from Fire Emblem.

And no avatar units.