[FE13] Support Word Limit?

Hello! I’ve never posted on the forums before but I didn’t quite know where to ask this, and I couldn’t find an answer online.

Does anybody know if there is a word limit to the supports in Awakening? I’ve been working on a few and I got a bit into writing the S Support of Lissa/Sumia, and it equaled out to about 2k words all together. However the game seems to suddenly line wrap and end the Support after about 700 words, or about 80 A presses(Counted them manually)

Does anybody know if the game has a limit? or am I doing something wrong in the script?

Thank you for your time!

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Damn, that’s a lot of text… I never played Awakening, but if there aren’t any supports as long as this one, then probably there is a word limit.