[FE13] Robin_F and Robin_M

Something I encountered while having two Robins(male and female) active(via save hacking):
(Skip the following paragraph if you want to read my actual point)

I was playing Awakening the other day, and I just beat chapter 13. Since Henry is recruited in that chapter, I saved, exported my save file, then proceeded to change his class(to fighter, in this case) using a save editor. Since I was busy, I just visited the barracks until I had time to play the next chapter. However, during that time, I came upon this site which had a pretty in-depth discussion about save editing and how the saves files worked. One post mentioned the details of a character’s data in the save file, but then I stumbled upon one that caught my eye: Hacking in a second Robin(and Morgan). It took me a couple of attempts to get it right(mostly because even though I set Robin (logbook) to Robin_M, it kept defaulting it to Robin_F’s build, which was my original Robin). When I did get it right, it worked. But…

While the voice lines(in battle) and portraits worked for both Robins, only Robin_F(main/original Robin) displayed text(after a level-up, in the barracks, etc.) while Robin_M’s portrait simply loaded and no text box would load(it loads properly in the armory, however). Even when I try to initiate a support convo, the game would simply say “Robin and Cherche attained Support C,” and the conversation would never happen(but it still registers)(Also, in the barracks, Robin_F’s sprite would always be used, even if the event was for Robin_M). It continued for a day or two, but then suddenly, it switched on me: Robin_M was saying lines and had text while Robin_F no longer loaded a text box or said text. I tried to see if I could manipulate them for the “main Robin” for support convos, cutscenes, and text, but Robin_M still remains the “main Robin(his portrait and sprites were used in cutscenes and worked properly).”

Has anyone tried hacking in a second Robin? If so, do the support convos and lines work properly? Or does anyone else encounter such an issue? Or does anyone have any ideas on what causes this(I tried switching their positions(putting one Robin before the other in the roster), but it still persisted)?

(I can further elaborate on details if necessary. I hope the paragraphs made sense…)

I’m pretty sure Shadow of Chaos hacked in a second Robin and made them marry each other.

Interesting. I am not sure if that means he edited the save file to have them be life partners(save hacking) or actually added/enabled Robin_F/M supports for the two characters(ROM hacking). And in that case, were there support conversations between the two, or did he just show them displaying each other as life partners in the roster? What happens to me is that while both are present, only one of them actually has text/lines.
As of right now, Robin_M is considered the “main Robin,” appearing in cutscenes and dialogue instead of Robin_F, who I started the game with. Any time when Robin_F has lines(such as in the Barracks or initiating a support convo), it either just loads her portrait only(barracks) or the it just brings up “Robin and Stahl attained Support C” without actually going through the conversation. However, both are required for the spotpass team, immediately occupying the first two slots.
I was just curious if this happened to anyone else, or if anyone knows why the game acts like so.

The main Robin is determined by which one is higher on the roster.

The reason the non-main Robin doesn’t get any dialogue is because the game checks the gender (and voice option in the Japanese version) and picks out a text entry based on the main Robin.

Say the main Robin is male. When you try to activate a support for Female Robin it’ll try to find an entry for male variants first, then check for an entry that isn’t gender specific. Since supports for Robin only have the gender specific entries, the result will come out as null and no conversation will occur.

That seems to make sense.

I did some further testing, and the game does use the Robin higher on the roster. You just have to reset/restart the game first, and then it seems to update the game as to the main Robin. Robin_F is now the main Robin again.