FE11 with no weapon triangle?

Is there a patch that removes weapon triangle bonuses? I mean, there’s lots of sword users in this game but most of the enemies use lances. It would be more faithful to FE1 without it.

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Unfortunately, there is no patch for that.

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Yeah, as far as I’m aware, no such patch exists. I would be interested in using one if it existed, though, since FE11 really did not make the sorts of changes needed to accommodate the addition of the weapon triangle to a game originally designed around one not existing.

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Yeah. Unless you have lots of effective swords, the sword-locked units won’t do much.
Unfortunately it seems that you can’t have that FE1 experience without actually playing FE1 (which is awful because it’s slow and you have to calculate enemy range), as FE3 Book 1 cut some chapters and characters.

I actually really like FE1, but I’ll fully acknowledge how slow and clunky it is. I think it could really benefit from a version that implements QoL and “control feel” improvements, but was otherwise faithful to the game design of the original, which I think stands on its own pretty nicely underneath how unwieldy the original game feels to play.