[FE10] Has anyone worked on it?

I will admit that it has been a while since I attempted work on FE10, so I might not be remembering everything 100%. I had extracted the info from the ISO and attempted to edit the bases of a class, I think.

However, when I put everything back together, Dolphin threw an error. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the spefici error in question. (I’m being so damn helpful right now, eh?) It was a long time ago, and before I try to dig back into it, I was hoping to see if anyone else had worked on it, and hopefully be to give me tips on getting everything packed back together to work.

I know my post isn’t terribly informative on what specific errors I’ve had, but I’m more looking for tips and some kind of starting points than help with the specific error.

Thank you guys in advance.

The tiny amount of FE10 editing I did was a while ago, so my memory is pretty hazy.
The only question that comes to mind is did you decompress the stuff you wanted to edit, edit it, re-compress, then insert it?

Like I said, its been a while, but that sounds an awful lot like an extra step to me. I remember ripping some files out of the ISO, making modifications (nothing in the nightmare editor seemed to be off) but it is possible that I missed a step in decompression or recompression.

Biggest issue I’m having now is that I don’t remember any of the tools I used besides nightmare.

I remeber I did some texture changes which went very well. It had some issues such as Soren had no eyes in battles as an archsage. I stucked at the mugs since I had no packer that could pack up to 10? layers. I used Riivolution on my wii for inserting the hacks as well. I’ve also edited some text and characters via gecko USB but thats a few years ago now.

I only know how to work on jp version.

i recall doing Skill changes for characters along with base changes and texture changes. It wasn’t too difficult to be honest. I re packed it using Wit and it worked perfectly using a changed gameid