Fe1 mugs

Does anyone have (or is Willing to make) an Abel/Kain Mug from fe1 similair to this?

Is there a particular end goal you have with these?

I’d be down for making some again, but probably not anytime soon.

My goal is too make a small hack recreating the iconic scene from the Fe ova.
Kain and Abel appear at the end so those are the only 2 I still need

Alright, I got 'em made~

I’d like to see the result either way, but if you ask for any more mugs I’d like to see some progress first.~

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Thanks my dude I’ll send the final product to you first! Progress is going along smoothly I have the map made and character’s inserted (I used Kent and Sain as substitutes) all that’s left is eventing which is proving to be the most difficult (naturally) especially because I’ve never worked with scripted battles before but I can definitely say it’ll be done next month and no later! So hold the tight!

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