[FE1] Making mages use their power stats

FE1 balance is odd. One of its many oddities includes mages not being allowed to use their power stats when attacking, forcing the might to be fixed. This patch fixes that. The video demonstrates a five magic Marich criticaling an enemy dragon knight for 54 damage, as opposed to to the 39 damage the crit would do were this vanilla FE1. Thunder Sword still does fixed damage, but this can be fixed by NOPping out the function directly above the replacement for the magic check.

Download here.

Notes I took researching this…

0x360 in ram is attack value, 0x349 is might. Comparisons seem to point to CCBF being an important pointer in making magic ignore strength. The checks start at 3CC7C. First check is to see if register X is equal to 0x08 and branch off if so. For whatever reason, the index counts from 0x00 in this routine; doing so places that number squarely at thunder sword. It branches to CCBF; this routine deals with fixed damage. Afterwards it checks if X is greater than 0x2A; following the same rules as last time means if ID is greater then Fire, before branching to the same routine. NOP this out and et voila, mages can use their magic stats! It tacks on a point more damage for some odd reason; run a SBC 0x01 in place of the BPL branch to get rid of the extra point.


Is this compatible with the english patch for the game?

Yeah. It’s been three years, but it’s only a one-byte change. Nothing the translation changes effects this in any way.

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