FE Transcending Darkness V1.0 COMING SOON!

Io, how is the update going? I’ve finished the 34 available chapters 3 times already, I need more (power hungry fool starts sounding)!

currently the hack chapter 38 is being developed. The full release possibly will be around January stay tuned.


I don’t know if someone has reported this, but in chapter 12 Gerold calls out to Miel… By calling him Gerold? Like, Gerold is calling Miel Gerold instead of Miel.

good catch, it’s an error it’s supposed to be Miel, before the final release the entire script will be revised alongside with cleaning up the grammar mistakes.


I just had another problem, see if you can spot it:

Okay, it’s not really a problem since the game doesn’t break down or anything. Is it because I am playing in mGBA?

Also, is Amalda changing class intended? She appears as a Dragon Lord at first. Then, during her duel with the chosen, she is a berserk. Then she is a Dragon Lord again when we go rescue her at that castle.

@Memestaralbert Colton decided to softlock the game in chapter 23. It didn’t happen in my previous playthrough, when I was playing v0.8. So it’s probably a 0.8.2 problem.

sorry for the late reply, this is probably cause he didn’t have a weapon equipped, I’ll make sure to fix this in the next patch.

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Quick update on the status of the hack, so far 38/40 chapters have been completed though the extra 4 chapters are only currently accessible in the playtest section of the hack’s discord. If you want a refined experience I highly advise to just wait till the completed version (Which will be addressed as update EX) drops. It may take a few more months or maybe just one month it’s hard to say. On another note I’ve been getting strange bug reports. I advise to play the hack on Mgba if possible, otherwise feel free to send the bugs in here or in the discord server. See yall next time.


not sure if its been posted or not but i encountered a bug in chapter 12, when trying to have any unit attack the nearby tree just south of where we start, the game seems to softlock at the weapon select menu as i confirm the command, my guess is its likely due in part to this tree being surrounded by other not choppable trees and also not next to a body of water for it to fall over onto

EDIT: this also seems to apply to any tree similar to it anywhere on the map

the band-aid fix currently is waitting a few turns which causes a specific event to happen that takes the tree down regardless of the bug existing or not, im struggling to replicate this issue ive heard about it before. What emulator are you using? it could be that.

i only really use VBA as its the main one i have bothered to use extensively since high school roughly 15 years ago, plus a lot of other hacks i play arent all that playable on mgba for some reason or another, i may try it via retroarch later and see if anything different happens

bit of a quick update about my issue i mentioned earlier: i went and tried it via retroarch and even used VBA on there to boot but the issue just… wasnt there

found another issue oddly enough, this time when playing via retroarch, basically in chapter 23 specifically at the very end, the issue in question happens where colton is trying to attack miel… but for some reason when miel yoinks him at the start he loses all the items he had on his person which causes colton to try and attack miel at the end with nothing equipped which seems to result in a softlock

also a bug more on the visual side of things but when my bard gets KO’d (im playing on hard with casual on btw without fixed growths) their “death quote” for some reason is that of destructor’s in the form we initially meet destructor at earlier on, and this happens even if destructor isnt in my active roster but thankfully this issue doesnt seem to cause any other problems

This one happened to me as well. Don’t worry, I reported it some time ago and the issue will be fixed for the final update.

A quick update regarding the status of this hack. Currently the hack’s gameplay is completed fully. There may be several small tweaks or changes but all of the gameplay for chapters are “completed”. A majority of the story is also written, the ending still needs to be done and some additional scenes are planned to be added. Further testing is still wanted, if you’d like to playtest and contribute to improving this hack feel free to join the dev server!

There will also be new “experimental” units (up to 3!) that have not been released in any other update.

You will be able to use your old save files for update 1.0, however I suggest you start fresh to experience the new changes.

I’ve taken down the download link momentarily, so that players can experience 1.0 fresh! (The link was also quite outdated).

Stay tuned for the upcoming months for the completed release, till next time!


Shut up alber

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fix azelia and rampard being playable in other route’s maps you absolute albert smh my head

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must you continue to [Complete] in retaliation?


Well, finally. I was getting worried that you may have dropped out too. I just hope we don’t have to wait much longer.

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