FE Transcending Darkness V0.8.2 One route complete! 34/40 chapters done!

his exp gains are very low due to Fates exp formula, itll gradually be more consistent and better once you fight higher levelled enemies

with update V0.8 comes chapter 34, alongside additions of a few updated portraits for specific characters. Outside of bugfixes and the like, this will be the last public update until the final release of the game which should have 40 chapters completed, it’ll still a while but it’ll get there eventually. That’s all for now, if there’s any bugs or glitches feel free to let me know.


I’m confused by what you mean when you say one route is complete. Can you elaborate please?

I think it means that one route of the game is fully playable (prologue to endgame), while the other is currently in production.

Like if Sacred Stones had, say, the Ephraim route 100% done but the Eirika route only went through chapter 15 or something.

At least, that’s my understanding of it.

Sorry for the confusion, the two routes are more like FE radiant dawn where multiple stories are happening back and forth. In this case it’s two stories that hop between each other. One of which has been completed.

Yeah, that’s why I was confused since they both happen at about the same time. Thank you!

It’s not quite like Sacred Stones, as the cbhapters change between parties.

Can I se the saved states of current patch for the complete game when it will be ready?

yes save states should, though it is possible for small bugs to occur as the game gets changed, save files are much safer to use and yeah theyll stay the same regardless of update

I meant that more as a reference to the route split itself in Sacred Stones, in that one path follows Eirika as the focus character through the endgame while the other focuses on Ephraim.

Hi. I’ve reached chapter 24. The hack so far is very enjoyable, confratulations.
Anyway after all the dialogue screens i get a black screen and i cannot go any further. Is it possible to solve this bug?

I suggest pressing start, it may allow you to proceed if not just wait till later today there will be a hotfix update

Even start doesn’t work. Ok i’ll wait for next patch tnx

8.1:update fixed bugs

Now it works, but al my items in the convoy for Stephine party disappeared. Is it possible to fix it?

From what I was able to check this bug no longer occurs in the game file, it might’ve been a bug that happened from playing on a older version. this bug won’t happen again but it’s not exactly fixable sorry for the inconvinience

Heya! I’ve been wanting to ask, what’s that portrait for Yukirai at 1:57 in the trailer? It looks really good! I’ve been trying to find it in the Repo.

Coming straight from the FEE3! I heard music from Trails in the Sky, and instantly knew this is going to be good shit. Does it have supports implemented?
ANd more importantly: which route is the finished one? Am I going to be notified ingame?

Just started the game and when I went to the music room, the music is messed up. When I play what is supposed to be Castlevania OC: Castle Corridor, the music that sound is Pandemonium from FF2.

Likewise, when I play FE3: War of heroes, the music sounding is “you will know our names”.

It’s nothing important, but I figured I should at least tell you.

it’s a Nickt portrait from the repo! Thought I think I mightve recolor it a bit for fe8 colors

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