FE Transcending Darkness Public release in 10/13!

Welcome to FE Transcending Darkness, this hack is a sequel to FE The Grand Uprising. In this hack you will explore the multiples-sides of war. You will be playing as the soldiers from a distant army who each have their own motives for their doings and must make sacrifices for the greater good of their world.
Big Mechanics
-Resources management
-Toggleable Danger radius
-Fates XP
-25%+ and +2 dmg from WTA
-Custom classes
-Buyable magic swords
-Leadership stars
-Bows WTA to magic
-Party switch
-Character based Promotions
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Hack’s Dev discord link: https://discord.gg/SM4DZfN



As in?

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Already begun making the map for the first chapter and I have a general idea of what features I’d like to have in (Most of these have already been implemented but I’m prone to change/add more) as you’ll see there’s a lot more new features then old one’s as part of hacking is learning from your own mistakes and I have done so.

New features:
  • Fates-styled XP gains

  • DS-avoid

  • Buffed weapon triangle! Weapon hit/avoid bonus 10->25 damage boost 1->2

  • New custom classes such as the tanky prodigy of magic, the Conjurer class

  • Axe armors

  • Heavy and Light cavs (Heavy cavs get axes and lances while Light cavs get swords and lances)

  • Skills have been limited to 3 Max per unit (4 if you’re counting class skills)

  • Enemies growths are more oriented upon offense rather than defense

  • Pegasus knights now use swords are their main weapon and Wyvern knights wield Axes as their main weapon (they both get lances upon promotion)

  • Promotions will not be Character-based not Class-based

  • Personal data status screen has been changed to show vital information to the player, such as
    when units learn skills or what they promote to (placeholder at the moment)

  • The color theme for this hack will be grey instead of the previously before purple to fit in for the morally grey story that will be explored. (this means grey map sprites)

  • Removal of the Level 30 cap

  • Buffed S rank hit bonuses to give +15 hit and +2 damage

  • Now mages have vanilla con (for the moment)

  • New custom weapons/ weapons

  • Updated portraits or character palettes for returning characters from the first part

  • Adding T2 weapons

  • Thracia escape

  • Forest tiles cost +1 mov then normal but provide a higher buff when on them

  • Stat adjusting weapons that can change certain stats when equipped

Returning features
  • List item

  • Nerfed 1-2 range weapons like javelins

  • Moderately accessible magic swords

  • Str/Mag split

  • Armors having 5 mov unpromoted and 6 mov promoted

  • Most classes will have similar weapon types to normal

  • Thracia trading

  • Certain Higher ranked magic tomes have had their weight reduced

  • Some enemy siege tomes with infinite durability

  • Returning custom weapons such as explosion and a few legendary weapons

Next up is a poll for the hack title if you would like to have a custom name or just leave it as The Grand Uprising 2

  • Keep the name as The Grand Uprising 2
  • Change the name to a custom unique name

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And lastly here’s a form for mechanics that you would like to see or ideas that you may have (I’ll credit you if I I use your idea though I may not use it)

Form link here
Thanks that’ll be all for today!

if you’re using buildfiles i could change the layout of the personal data table to something more of your liking, can’t do it in febuilder without learning about skill custom build lol
i am glad to see people using it though!!! :DDD


Hey the character’s name is Guam, are you from Guam?

Funny enough, when I made the name I had no idea that it was a actual place lol.

You’re kidding! That’s wild! You got yourself a fan from Guam! Look it up, tropical paradise :pray:t3:


I would like to request some playtesters for the hack for game balance as it’s very important to have.
If you would be interested on having early access and playtesting feel free to message me or join the discord. Thanks!

The Demo has been released! The first thread has been conpletely redone Enjoy! Easiest way to communicate about me with anything is in the discord link provided in the first thread thanks!

Could you please make an easier version of this cause i cant even finish the first chapter of the game BTW i tried playing the grand uprising as well but i only finished 7 chapters cause its just so hard please
Im a newbie

If youre playing on Hard mode it has not been balanced/tested with so Don’t play it in that mode, if not a few tips I’d reccomend is to use Guam a lot as a jeigan to deal with tougher enemies and to use the weapon triangle to your advantage as it’s extremely important.

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Update(thing’s I didn’t mention were changed from initial release):
Tweaked some reinforcements in chapter 2 to make them easier to handle and reduced turtle’s cursed enemies from appearing chapter in 1 until turn 14. I also tweaked the DS avoid formula slightly so instead of it being Speed+luck/2 it’s just Speed+luck. Same link works for updating.

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BTW that conjurer girl must be able to summon revenant cause shes a “conjurer”

You’ll see if she can in the story.

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I’ve finished the first chapter of this demo.

But the second chapter is much harder than the first i dont even know where to “escape” cause i die at first turn i dont know if im just a noob or this game is just hard(im not playing hard mode just normal).

Update the rom using the same link, chapter 2 reinforcements have been tweaked so that there’s less magic users as reinforcements, it’s relatively hard but as long as you keep your healer away from ballista range you’ll be fine. Don’t be afraid to use vulneraries if you need to as you’ll have plenty of opportunities later on. Weapon Triangle is once again extremely important so always use it to your advantage. Chapter 2 is definitely a tougher one for sure.

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I’ve decided to take download link temporarily until I feel like another playtest is needed. The link for the playtest was also a slightly outdated version of the hack. A private playtest is still available in the hack’s discord server if you’re interested. So far 7 chapters have been finished with the 8th one being started to be worked on, stay tuned for updates!

Since FE TD will be premiering in FEE3, I’ve decided on a early release on 10/13. By then It shall have about 15 chapters as im at 12 right now. Stay tuned till then! (I’ve also updated the first thread). I’m also looking for some helping hands for things such as writing or spriting so if anyone’s interested feel free to DM me or join the discord in https://discord.gg/SM4DZfN.