FE The Grand Uprising Update v1.1.2 COMPLETED!(21 total chapters)

Really IMPORTANT survey I decided to put up regarding the hack.
This is a easy way to give feedback and share your opinions
of the hack anonymously and easily.
Feel free to answer as much as possible, all feedback I appreciate immensely.
Survey Link: https://forms.gle/Ce5Tr2dXeMkbAuWG8

what’s your native language?



am not sure how to respond to that…
where do people speak latin still???

regardless, a lot of your text comes off as… robotic? generated? like something no one would actually say? i would suggest working with a native speaker and go through the entire script.

also, is there a reason random things are not capitalized? like… titles?


6-2 has WAYYYYY too many ambush spawns

I’m pretty sure they still speak Latin in the Vatican.
(Just for religious purposes, though)

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Small update:
There was a underlying glitch regarding Nakana losing strength in chapter 3. This was fixed.

By Latin I meant Spanish with some other similar languages in it, sorry for the confusion. Regarding @Dancer_A statement ,The chapter titles lacking capitalization has been fixed in the newest update. The beginning of the hack’s script/writing might seem a bit off as it was made when I was still learning about writing a hack.The later parts of the hack’s writing improves from the initial.However after part 1 of the hack (chapter 20) I’m planning on rewriting a majority of the writing that I have now and improving it. I also plan on adding even more writing and story overall when I do finish part 1 as some of it is slightly outdated. Regarding chapter 6-2 I completely plan on redoing the entire chapter when I finish part 1 as there’s some issues that I have with it. Looking back at when I made it, I can safely say that it’s design is not the best and it definitely needs improvement. However it’ll probably take some time for me to get to since this is a solo-project. Regardless thanks for the feedback!

Juli didnt have promote animation
And after promoted I saw a no animation fight (probaly becuz its not here) with ranged light brand
Wyverns are simon exp actually lol
Werent luciella going to revenge her father on the nobles? She didnt speak of it
U can make the end an event to say hey ty for playing my hack this is the end of this version and game over scene instead of ‘river of regret chap but its the hack content’

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Would be cubersome to do every single chapter im working on. Juli has one but it seems the bug is because of promotion branches I’ll work on that later. You’ll get more of lucilia in future chapters.

Sorry for the idiot question, but what is a “FE6 styled Manakete”? What’s the difference between FE6’s Manakete and FE8’s Manakete?

They’re not too much different fe6 manaketes are enemy units with high bases to begin with compared to fe8 manaketetes (specifically fae) who have bad bases but really good growths. They’re not too different however visually they are very different.

Update v0.5.3 is out.
-Fixed class descriptions being from vanilla fe8 (report to me any that is still incorrect)
-Changed Rabin’s assasin animation to fit with a newer change I made
-Thieves now get E bows upon promoting into assasins
-Valkyrie promoting animation is fixed
-Sadly valkyries has no sword animations at the moment as I couldn’t find any to use. For now animations are off for valkyries when swords are used as a placeholder.
-Adjusted skills of Assasins
Side note: I’m seeking for anybody to contribute to the hack be it by improving/making visuals for it such as fixing/improving portraits, character animations, or anything of the sort. Helping with thing’s such as map design,writing and anything of the sorts is also immensely appreciated. I’m however not demanding just requesting as It won’t be paid for. For more info just DM me or visit the discord of the first thread.
Map of chapter 17, initial eventing and initial enemy placement for it is done however there’s much more to do.

Got it! Thanks for the reply!

Forgot to make a update post oops. This update is very small but I think it should still be explained.
-Tweaks to chapter 8x to stop “bait and heal” shenanigans in that chapter
-Chapter 16 now has the reinforcements from the last boss castle showing up the turn after you open the bridges. For some reason this stopped working in a newer update
-Updated the threads screenshots as the old ones were a bit outdated
-FINALLY a title screen I honestly took too long to do this but here you go.


Small update just fixed the boss from not moving in 8x.
Also made the chest closer to the hall way in 8x.
Hopefully next update will be the new chapter!

Chapter 17 is officially out!
Change log/news
-New forced promotion/class
-3 New playable characters each with unique skills!
-Master lances have been added
-Magebanes have been added
-fixed music not working in chapter 8x
-Old faces come back in chapter 17!
-Turn requirements bonus rewards might be added for some chapters
-Rebalanced mage knights
-Removed quickburn on mage knights
-Jay now has a custom palette of the spartan class
-Aaron spartan class now has a custom palette!
-Redid enemy generic palettes
-Gave enemy generic palletes
-Green palettes have been updated
That’s all for now I might start working on chapter 18 tomorrow.

sorry sorry few fixes.
-Fixed visual issues with promotion screen showing volcano for a second
-fixed underlying talk conversation glitch where if you hit start (gameboy control) the game would stay frozen with a black screen.
If theres any errors or wrongly placed conversation please tell me thanks I think for the most part
that this will be the last update till chapter 18.

ALSO very important but I’ve changed the part 1 finale to be in chapter 19 im super excited to bring the
first part of the story to a close! I’ll make sure to avoid spoiling anything but it get’s interesting.

Hello just wanted to ask question about the last 2 chapters of part 1.
Would you prefer if I

  • Upload the chapters separately.
  • Upload the chapters together in one bundle.

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Choose one option thanks once again I’m working on it hard to deliver them quickly and with minimum bugs!

As the finale is approaching I’ve come to the conclusion that having a spriter help with my sub-par visuals and who’s willing to improve on my already made visuals would be greatly appreciate alongside a writer who’s willing to fix some rough scripts that I’ve made. If you’re interested in helping feel free to message me or join the discord in the first thread thanks. Hopefully this will be the last post before the finale is released.

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2 wind swords have different mt and hit (pretty sure u created another version of it)
Assassin desc still has silencer on it

And in the chap u get 3 prepromotes (yup i cant see the chapter name in status screen nor the sacred stones cutscenes)
When the soldier npc at the castle dies (why u make him hold tomahawk, losing 5 speed) (the npc are troll as hell, and some of them even stay afk when their friends getting shot at) the master lance guy nearly died the sage in ch7 or 8 something appear and have a quote as if hes here

yeah the chapter names I’ll fix later they’re buggy at the moment and yep green units being green units. when does the “sage” quote occur?