FE The Grand Uprising Update v1.1.2 COMPLETED!(21 total chapters)

Chapter 15 has been released
-Change the name of one of the countries from “the land of alchemy” to “alchemia” for convinience sake
-Mortal sorvants have been added I can’t say who get’s it as that’s spoilers
-Volcano map
-Lord has finally been promoted!
-Fixed grammatical errors in the prologue
-A entire new chapter
-A playable “blue map sprite palette” UPS file has been added in the download link for people who would rather prefer the original palette over the purple one (I plan to find a more convient way to toggle between the two eventually)
-Balancing tweaks

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chemicity :slight_smile:

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Chapter 16 isn’t finished as of yet (about 70% done at the moment) But I made several changes thanks to playtester feedback and self experience that I’ve gotten
-Lyra str growth changed from 50% to 60%
-The color of growth rates have been modified
-Added extra conversations regarding reinforcements in chapters
-Fixed a bug where a chest wouldn’t work in chapter 3
-Fixed a bug where cavalier wouldn’t drop a Dracoshield in chapter 4
-Severely nerfed the monsters in chapter 4 as I accidentally changed there stats to accomadate for the midgame zombies that apear later on (this has been fixed accordingly)
-Fixed a incorrect conversation from advisors
-Fixed incorrect items being on enemies.
-Added extra text and more insightful knowledge for a couple of conversations from
-Decreased the amount of 1-2 range enemies in the beginning game
-Using the tactics feature as a way to show conversations from advisors.
-Balancing promoted classes of enemies
-Summoner summoning “green unit” when it comes to Phantoms.
The changes in WIP will most likely be released alongside chapter 16 in a few days so keep that in mind.
I suggest to update your UPS to the current one if you haven’t already and thanks that’s all for now the updated UPS files are in the Link I provided.

As most things go I did some errors that I messed up so super sorry for everyone who updated there files but please do so again until chapter 16 comes out.
-Advisors will now talk to you in “tactics” instead of beginning of chapters which is in the menu options.
-Fixed bug in chapter 12 where reinforcements on the top right spawned in turn 1 when they shouldn’t have.
-Added advisor convos for a few chapters that I stupid forgot to add.
Now this is the official v0.4.6 update sorry for the inconvinience.

Chapter 16 is out!(Download link has been updated)
-Balanced promoted classes for enemies
-Summoners now summon green unit phantoms
-Severely nerfed enemy units weaponry in chapter 2
-Added extra conversations in chapter 16 with talk conversations
-Tactics for chapter 16 and edited previous tactics
-Small tweaks to units
-Fixed glitch where Aaron wouldn’t promote
-Added Nomads(called hunters in this hack) to fe8!
-Fixed glitch where riley couldn’t promote with knight crest
That’s all for now I’ll be taking a weeks-worth break(as long as theres no game-breaking glitch) to recharge my brain and reenergize myself, as a solo-project it’s been a lot of working to be pushing chapters in less than a weeks time.We’re at 50+ characters in the story along with about 13 hours of gameplay in this hack(for me). The big finale of part 1 of the story will occur in about chapter 20 however for now I’ll be taking my time.After chapter 20 I plan on revisiting earlier chapters and revise them severely. Even though I’ll be on a small break I still am free to take feedback/advice or anything so feel free to tell me in my discord or PM me. Thanks again!

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Is he based on fe8?

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the hack uses a FE8 rom, but besides that no.

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Dont the growth rate be too high if theres 30 levels?
And at the end of ch2 thw events froze i didnt get to see the fight cuz i had to skip

My team is low 20’s and you’d be shocked to have over 20 in two stats. One maybe, two? hard to come by. My highest is lv34 promoted and his speed is 26. My pegasus at lv24 has 24speed. Those are my highest stats on the team.

the event froze? It might’ve been due to your emulator thats pretty strange I’ll look into it. Also regarding your comment about stats, they’re not as high as you think I’ve playtested a lot and it’s not too high at all, I’ve changed the capacity of stats to accomate for the growths. Even reaching levels like 30 isn’t too well reccomended since XP gain decreases by that time, still the growth rate is above average but it’s not anything extraordinary. Early promotion (which is 20 in this hack) is strongly encouraged.

The cavs you fight are reanimated monsters which is why they’re called that. Aaron has paragon and man you must’ve been unlucky lol.

something tells me that someone dies in the plot (probaly ch2) is gonna get revived by the DK and sad moments for the protagonist
if ppl with classes can be reanimated
oh did does character get a fixed growth? not relying on RNG cuz when i restart (yup I’m noob) I got same growths on same levels

No fixed growths must’ve been really weird luck on your part.

NPC A.I healing is very odd in general it tends to heal once units are below 50% health. Axe cavs are a beat more specific on the difference over heavy cavs though the names are very interchangeable. Thats just money for you that you’ll use next chapter the gold is titled incorrectly its technically 2,500 gold but it’s called 5,000 because fe8 shenanigans.

I killed them both first cuz marius is in danger and the thief will join pretty late so never got the money lol

And thief:I am sword user but im not as annoying as myrms
Swordslayer:I understand have a nice day!

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Swordslayers effectiveness damage is only for myrmidons/mercenaries. Also good meme.

balance update:
-Greatly reduced Sages magic
-Increase elfire weight 10->11
-Blade weapons have their mt improved
-Greatly reduced the amount of enemies with spears/tomahawks/javs/hand axes in the midgame
-reduced the amount of enemies with silver weapons in the midgame
-Enemies in chapter 12 drops armorslayers and more items
-Greatly nerfed enemy levels from chapter 12
-Delayed wyvern reinforcements in chapter 16 by one turn.

Please update when you can as this is a pretty important update.No new content just a balance patch as It turned out that the enemies in the midgame were more scarier to deal with then I initially thought.

Descriptions are WIP I tend to fix those later a long with typos. You can still buy bows from oreparation armory though ill fix that too.

please update your rom hack, this issue has been fixed in the newer rom update. also the “advisors” have been moved into the tactics menu (check my threads above).I’ll fix the wording not appearing in the next update.

But idk why all my units got 8 stats up in lv20 but 0 stat in lv21?