FE The Grand Uprising Update v1.1.2 COMPLETED!(21 total chapters)

Finished faster than expected, Before I officially release the patch I’d like to first get them playtested to make sure they are all set to go thanks for all the support!

Well boy’s we did it part 1 has been finished! (21 chapters in total) It’s been quite a while but it’s finally complete!
Here’s the change logs:
-Lar’s Embrace tome has been severely buffed
-Numerous amount of tweaks to enemy balance and some slight modification to player units
-Assasins now get D bows instead of previously E bows upon promoting
-7 new bosses!(5 who are mini bosses)
-Slightly tweaked chapter 16 blurred memories
-Changed writting in chapter 1 and chapter 2 of the hack and fixed some grammar issues.
-Endgame 1 and Endgame 2 has finally been added which is the finale of part 1 of the story
-Fixed more class descriptions
-Updated Harbediers map sprite to fit more with the battle animation
-Fixed numerous battle quotes/death quotes of characters
-Added a assortment of personal weapons for bosses and few for player units
-Marik’s portrait has been updated
-Trees now cost 3 mov to move through
-Magic users can travel through thin rivers
-Brave weapons are now used at A rank and silver weapons at B rank
-Buffed S rank bonuses now they give +2 damage and +10 weapon when using the weapon with S rank
-Dande’s map sprite has been updated
-Fixed harbedier level cap
I’ve also added a “Mechanic” file into the download folder which goes for game mechanics that I might’ve not gone over.
Plans:Updating portraits,Adding supports,Adding optional village information,adding more writing
Requests:Still looking for people who are interested in improving the already made-portraits/sprites
and help with the writing so message me if ya want about it!
warning:There might be some save issues with chapter 16 blurred memories I apologize if you need to restart the chapter if this is the case.
Here’s the newest update (the original post link also works) Download here
Link to the hack’s discord
Part 2 of the hack won’t be worked on for a while but don’t worry I’ll work on it later on but for now…


Congratulations on such a tremendous work! Another one I will have in the list to play as soon as I can! A well deserved rest awaits you!

Leeet’s Gooo! :laughing:

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Man I have been hooked. The mugs are super amazing. The custom things in this hack are all gems in my eyes. Excited for part 2.

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After careful consideration I have decided that FE The Grand Uprising Part 2 will be on a seperate rom as I would like to explore and experiment with new mechanics and overall work from a clean plate. This may come to a surprise however I think this would be the best choice as I’ve made a few mistakes In this hack when I was first making it(this is the first hack I’ve worked on anyways) that I can’t easily fix. Thus I will be planning for part 2 and will probably have a demo in a few months or so.
Slight update changes:
-Fixed Nakana not being forced deployed in last chapter
-Small bug/fixes
-Fixed map music not coming back after using tactics
-Added some more writing/dialogue in chapte 6-2 regarding Simon and the mysterious knight.
Also DO NOT PLAY HARD MODE as it is not balanced as of yet.

Oh, woops. Recorded the opening earlier playing hard mode. Ah well, I managed to get through it fine anyhow.

If you only want people selecting normal mode, you should probably use this patch.


This was actually quite fun, though there’s some room for a bit more finesse of course. The writing in particular could use some editing for grammar, and although I skipped much of it as requested, I found it somewhat charming. Gameplay-wise, it was challenging but doable, though some of my units felt nearly useless. In particular, I feel that having a rally-bot so early isn’t ideal (or give a less useful rally like rally skl or rally luk), and the first real chapter could have been a bit clearer with its execution. The boss enemies that chase after you should instead have off-map dialogue the turn before they show up, and then begin moving the next enemy phase that you see them (after showing up on the map during player phase - no ambush spawns). I was also confused by what I should be doing. The charging enemies were far too strong for me to be able to advance at first, but the dialogue kept suggesting I needed to rush the chapter to not die. Some of these enemies should have a different sort of AI than charge the player, imo. Have you considered using zoning ai at all? I made a thread on that a while back.

All in all, it was enjoyable and I’d recommend others to check out this hack. I know that @Memestaralbert has been working very hard on it.


Thanks a lot for giving it a go! The charging enemies in chapter 2 are significantly way more easier to handle in normal mode, I’m even surprised you did so well in a unbalanced hard mode, still thanks for playing it.

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cant open this chest in 6-1
and in 6-2, even i killed the boss, cant pass

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You have to use the key from your inventory to open those chests. As for killing the 6-2 boss I had the same issue last night but it was fixed really quickly so redownloading should fix that issue.

Yeah as kaezyo stated you had to use it like a promotional item on the chest since key asm is pretty strange if you change the properties, 6-2 boss glitch was fixed last night I strongly apologize if you might have to restart the chapter if you already killed him or don’t have savestates, issues like that shouldn’t happen again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: for anyone who hasn’t played past 8X
Theres a bug where if you open the chest on the most-right the game freezes, this has been fixed
right now, please update if you haven’t gotten past 8X

Fixed numerous of bugs namely lars not being able to be recruited due to a event bug.

patch it to which fire emblem ?

Fire emblem 8 sacred stones.


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Hey fan of the hack here. I just wanted to leave a bit of constructive criticism/advice. I enjoy the gameplay a lot and am able to get past typos easily partially do that, but I feel many people could have easily bad first impressions because of it and give up on the hack too quickly. I understand obviously that there’s probably a billion other things on the list you wanna touch up with this part of the hack but I just personally think a first impression goes a long way to the overall opinion of a hack and whether a player even goes past chapter 2 or 3.

TL;DR I personally think it would be a good idea to go ahead and put typos and whatnot high on the priority list of fixes so people don’t jump to conclusions about hack quality.


Great hack, enjoing it a lot (ch 14). Only thing i kinda dislike are the reinforcements, in some chapters they can be quite frustrating.

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Update 1.1.1
Small things not anything too big heres some changelog notes.
-Fixed some grammar mistakes/spelling
-Changed some dialogues/conversations
-Fixed some of the OAM issues for endgame part 1
I plan on fixing some other thing’s and adding more side content in the future however I have
my hands busy with the sequel FE “Transcending Darkness” on the works.

I am playing it and found it pretty good.

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I personally feel the part 2 was a bit hard, what about you?