FE Mouse Cursors!

Did you ever want to so boldly proclaim your love for this series with even your mouse cursor?

I sure did.

(Normal, Help, Background Work, Busy, Precision Select,
Text, Handwriting, Unavailable, Vert Resize, Horiz Resize,
Diag Resize 1, Diag Resize 2, Move, Alternate Cursor, Hyperlink)


(this topic is like two months late and i’m pretty sure i made a post about it somewher ebut i can’t find it for the life of me)


How do you install it?

That depends on the OS, unfortunately; so I can only suggest googling “[os] installing custom cursors”

but also just using the OS’s own Search feature on Mouse, and looking for things like “change how the mouse pointer looks”, “increase size of the cursor” etc

:frowning: I hate being semi-useless like this.