FE Maps Using FE1's Tileset

Warm salutations FEU members,

I wanted to start this a long time ago, but due to laziness, homework, and family, I never quite got to do it…

…Until now. I finally picked up Tiled, downloaded the FE1 tileset off of Spriter’s Resource (it was ripped by a user named Jackster), and started mapping.

As of now I have created 5 maps. I hope to do more in the future.

FE3 Chapter 1

Since FE1 does not have caves, I have removed it from this map.

FE13 Chapter 2

The river in this one was kind of hard to create, but I think I pulled it off well.

FE5 Chapter 1

Since the FE1 tileset doesn’t include a large vendor, I instead replaced the one on this map with just a standard village.

FE8 Chapter 10B

Probably my favorite, but I believe there are height errors? Anyways, this chapter reminds me of The Pyrathi Dragon from FE1/FE11…

FE7 Chapter 14

I decided to experiment with cliffs in this map. Do they look good? FE1 doesn’t have cliffs, so I tried my best to replicate them.

So yeah. I’m not taking requests now, but I might in the future. If anyone wants the tileset I used (since Jackster’s rips didn’t work in Tiled without editing), just ask and I’ll host it on my dropbox.

Can you upload the tileset you’re using? I can give you a direct rip from the game, if you want.


As I said, this was just me rearranging the tiles of Jackster’s sheet so that it worked better in Tiled.