FE GBA Randomizer Extended

So this is a question as much as it is a request but, is it possible to make a randomizer that can randomize in characters from other GBA games (If i’m playing FE7 the randomizer can get characters from FE6 & FE8 maybe you could add more but thats the basics), basically storing all character data in its own file, this making a randomizer that can use every sprite and base stats to make sure that you wont get the same experience twice.

I don’t know if it possible and its been at the back of my mind for a while but atleast its out there now and someone finds this intresting enough to try.

Everything is possible, but it would have to be a program that has to have all the data saved and be able to output it to a rom. Not easy to just make in a short time, I assume

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Yeah it would take a while probably, hey it’s an idea if anyone wants something to do, cause i don’t have any experience in this sort of thing.