FE Fates Super Armory (A Weapon Rebalance Hack)

Having recently learned how to use the Paragon Editor, I decided to try changing some weapon attributes to make them more appealing to use. I have also changed forging bonuses and the armory’s stock. As of now, I have only changed silver weapons, S-Rank weapons, and 1-2 range swords/axes/lances. I would like to hear some thoughts on these changes. Any suggestions/ideas are welcome as well. Currently, it is not available for download, but I can change that if you want to try the changes for yourself.

  • Forging bonuses are distributed more evenly across forge levels and only go up to +7 Might instead of +11 Might.
    • For weapons able to critical, each forge level grants +1 Might, +3 Hit, and +2 Crit. Except for forge level 7, which grants +1 Might, +2 Hit, and +3 Crit, for a total bonus of +7 Mt/+20 Hit/+15 Crit
    • For weapons unable to critical, each forge level grants +1 Might and +4 Hit. Except for forge levels 1 and 2, which grant +1 Might and +5 Hit. At level 7, the total bonus is +7 Mt/+30 Hit
  • At level 3 armory, all limited stock weapons (not castle event weapons like raider weapons or [character’s name] weapons) are able to be purchased infinitely.
  • All shurikens (not daggers) suffer -5 Hit to compensate for the +2 Spd and to make daggers less of a joke.
  • Steel Weapons and their equivalents gain +5 Crit.
  • Silver Weapons and their equivalents have their Str/Mag/Skl -2 stacking debuff removed. Instead they act as a continuation of Steel tier weapons. Might is unchanged, Hit is reduced by 10, Avoid is reduced by 5 for a total penalty of 10, Crit is increased by 10, Crit Avoid -5 penalty is retained, and makes player follow-up attacks harder to perform (need 10 speed to double instead of 5).
    • Comparison between Iron Lance and newly changed Silver Lance
      • Iron Lance: 7 Might/80 Hit, no other effects
      • Silver Lance: 14 Might/70 Hit/10 Crit/-10 Avoid/-5 Crit Avoid, Ability to follow up -5
  • The previously enemy only weapons (Star Axes, Nageyaris, Shortbows, etc.) are now available for the player to use. However, they are less effective (-4 Might/-10 Hit/-10 Avoid) than their 1 range (or 2 range for bows) counterparts in exchange for 1-2 Range.
    • Comparisons between Axes and Star Axes
      • Iron Axe: 8 Might/70 Hit, no other effects
      • Iron Star Axe: 4 Might/60 Hit/-10 Avoid, no other effects
      • Steel Axe: 12 Might/65 Hit/5 Crit/-5 Avoid, Ability to follow up -3
      • Steel Star Axe: 8 Might/55 Hit/5 Crit/-15 Avoid, Ability to follow up -3
      • Silver Axe: 16 Might/60 Hit/10 Crit/-10 Avoid/-5 Crit Avoid, Ability to follow up -5
      • Silver Star Axe: 12 Might/50 Hit/10 Crit/-20 Avoid/-5 Crit Avoid, Ability to follow up -5
  • S-Rank Weapons retain most of their drawbacks but are massively buffed to compensate.
    • Changes
      • Hagakure Blade: 24 Might/100 Hit/10 Crit/30 Avoid, Spd +10, Halve Str until next attack
      • Waterwheel: 28 Might/90 Hit/10 Crit/30 Crit Avoid, Def/Res +10, Halve Str until next attack
      • Aurgelmir: 32 Might/80 Hit/30 Crit/-10 Crit Avoid, Effective against armor, x4 Crit damage, Halve Str until next attack
      • Pursuer: 32 Might/110 Hit/20 Crit/-10 Avoid, Def -4, Res -2, Ability to follow up +4
      • Chakram: 16 Might/100 Hit/10 Crit/10 Avoid/10 Crit Avoid, Def/Res -4, Ability to follow up +4, (Str/Mag/Def/Res -6)
      • Excalibur: 20 Might/90 Hit/40 Crit, Def/Res-4, Ability to follow up -4, Effective against fliers
      • Bifrost: Infinite Uses

Those are all of the changes I have made so far. I plan to add the castle event weapons/items to the armory/staff store and to rename and rebalance them. I also plan to rebalance certain weapons due to their new status of being infinitely purchasable, lest everyone run around with unbreakable brave weapons and killer weapons. Let me know what you think of these changes and how you think they could be improved. Feel free to make suggestions as well.