FE Engage(remake from FE8)

can’t wait, looks awesome already love it

can’t wait :sneezing_face:

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Happy New Year of the loong. 神竜様 is also loong and will be available this year.

We are on holiday so the progress is slowing down. But we finished the movement of ten special classes. The support conversation will also be added soon.


The ending is also finished.


All the chapters are properly set, and we will work on the role play.


This things too lit, im definitely bookmarking this!
A question I have is, are any of these portraits free to use? (with due credit OF COURSE)

We got the portraits for Lindon and Saphir from FEU, they might be F2E.


The talks for death and in-battle are finished, we are working on the animations right now. Does anyone know who is drawing the first frame of all the characters in Engage like this


This looks amazing! I’m looking forward to trying it out. Are you arranging Engage’s music too?

They are called Redbean

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Not to be that guy but " they are made by red bean" is what you are looking for . Ya i understand not all are english speakers and english being their second language (me included) will have such errors.

Also @explosionwolf how much progress has been made or how complete is it?

I hope that when the weapon is changed, the appearance will also change, as if an iron sword was used in a fight, it will look the same, if a silver sword is used in a fight, it will also look the same.

I would like to say 75%. The remaining parts are the chapters’ end events and deploying reinforcements. Animation and support are scheduled for the future.


Not yet, the memory is limited.


What about Fogado, Griss and Veyle? Those are the ones im planning to add to my hack :stuck_out_tongue:

The Game looks great and I look forward to playing it! I have a question to why you used Fe Builder instead of something like Lex Talionis as it gives you infinite rom space, turn wheel and other gimmicks, an in built skills system, etc.?

I never heard that before we started the project. Besides, we already have the template for Engage and
the skill system. If you are interested you can check our previous project. That’s the reason why we use FEB.

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oh that makes sense then no problem, best of luck on your project!

Ivy battle frame.


Please make it playable in English, because this is truly amazing. I can’t wait to play it in English :pray:t2::pray:t2: