FE Engage(remake from FE8) (Font needed for English patch)

That’s all from my side. Feel free to edit it also. The palette should be changed accordingly.

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Right now we face a problem with making the NarrowFont to the JP Fe8. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? It might be the first step for the English patch.

All engage portraits are done. Prepare other characters now.


if you haven’t got one yet, I have done one of the first Bandit bosses of Engage, Mitan
FE Mitan


Thanks! We haven’t finished them yet.

I’m sorry, did you say you’re remaking Engage in FE8?

How is that possible? Can the GBA support Rings and Engaging and Engage Poison and other Engage stuff?

What design decisions are you making to work within the limits of the GBA, such as removing or reworking Somniel features and Online features and DLC features and Emblems that can’t work in this game how they worked in Engage?

Check our last project then you will find the answer :>

Online and DLC are not possible for every hack definitely.

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I see. How are you changing The Somniel to work on GBA? I heard it’s called The Solanel or 索拉涅尔 or 索拉涅爾 in other languages.

Similar to Garreg Mach Monastery in our Fe 9 + 10 demake.