FE builder system icons/stat bars (specifically the icons for unit's stats)

I was wondering if there would be a system icon or some sort of icon/adjustments for the stat bar that is shown for stats as I want to make it not seem glitched when it reaches over the 30 cap as shown in the image with the stat bar being buggy if there’s a way to fix this or edit it I would very much appreciate it

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If you don’t have SkillSystems installed, you can use the “Stat Bar Max Length” patch.
However, if you have SkillSystems installed, this patch cannot be used because the address is different.
You have to check the moved address.

NAME.en=Stat Bar Max Length


ADDRESS=0x87132 0x87142 0x870FE 0x87102
// 0x87154 <- やってもやらなくても結果同じらしい

INFO.en=Modifies the maximum value that the yellow stat bars properly display\r\nThese bars by default have errors after exceeding 31.\r\nThis patch allows the bars to display 63 in each stat.\r\nHowever, if this is set too high, the bar will expand beyond the statbox on the Status Screen.

CONFLICT_IF:0x0800=0x0 0xC0 0x9F 0xE5 0x1C 0xFF 0x2F 0xE1
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sorry, this was my mistake.
I said “Stat Bar Max Length” is in conflict with SkillSystems, but when I looked into it again, it wasn’t.

I fixed the FEBuilderGBA patch.

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