FE BUILDER hp regen?

Hello i’d like to know if there is a function by avoiding using the skill patch for making a character regenerates his hp if he’s not full ? if you know the answer i’d like to know thanks…

Not afaik.

You could do this with a player turn event maybe?

Something like check if character is deployed, then check his HP, then do some maths to give the % and then proceed to heal but it will looks weird and not accurate.

Other than this solution you will have to learn ASM I guess or wait for someone doing a patch for that.
Maybe splitting the recovery tile?

I made TrapData based heal tiles, but it’s closely affiliated with DragonVeins in the Skill System for the map sprite display. Plus the function for giving the heals itself is heaped in with Renewal and the other healing skills.
The relevant stuff is going to be heaped in here

and here

You’re welcome to reference the asm in here or ask for more specifics if you’d like.