That’s what I said


In the battle animation script, the display position is set with the image, not the coordinate.
It is drawn at the position specified in the image file.
To move the dragon up one pixel, you need to move the dragon of all the images one pixel up.

As an existing procedure,
Export battle animation.
Move all the image files contained therein by 1 pixel and save.
Then import the changed data.

I can be understood that this is troublesome.
This will create an entirely new function, so it can not be realized immediately.
This will take some time.


I have installed the “10 Divided CG Images” patch and inserted a few CG’s. How do I call them in an event? The patch does not add any event functions, and currently I cannot figure out how to actually call these CG’s, for example, to use in a conversation.


I’m not entirely sure if this is 100% correct but you need to assemble it like this

The BACG value is the number of the CG

and the text value can be whatever text you write that doesn’t include a portrait

Like usual Write to ROM then test it with your emulator and…


it should work.

Not sure if this is 100% accurate, but I did it and it worked for me.

(Edit: If you want to erase the CG just insert the Erase Background command)


That worked, thank you!


if you install the Patch , following instructions have been added, please use this.

 Conversation event using CG[XX:CG:CG][YYYY:TEXT:Serif]
 Display [XX:CG:CG]
 Display [XX:CG:CG] LOW

Instructions added by the patch are also displayed on the screen.


I do not know why it works properly.
However, I think that working is the right way.


Don’t worry, It is just a silly request, if it is too hard keep your schedule as it is. Thanks for answering.


Hi 7743. For the patch “Specified Item Attacks 1x Per Combat,” can it be changed to use a list of items instead of only one? For example, I would like to make all javelins, hand axes, and such unable to make second attacks. Thank you!


You could just make it weigh 50 or more.


Good thought, @Ryn. However, I am planning on also using the patch that calculates the weapon’s speed penalty using STR, and also raising the STR cap. Your solution will be workable, however, if this patch cannot easily be modified in such a manner.


That wouldn’t work, because then the wielder would get doubled almost always.


Ah and right totally forgot about that lol


ok. Let’s make it later.
But I just want a little time. I am busy.

The basic rule is to make what you want by yourself.
Please make yourself what you want.
Please learn asm and be able to make patches yourself.
I will not be able to keep making patches forever.


There is already a patch to set weapon ability 0xC as a “cannot double” effect. I believe it was used in FEDestiny.


It was pretty easy to implement.
Please update.

NAME.en=Define Multiple Item Attacks 1x Per Combat

INFO.en=We will allow you to set up multiple weapons that will not pursue.

I’ll fix the mistranslation later.

I made another one.

NAME.en=Define Multiple Prohibits the Crit By Item

INFO.en=We will allow you to set up multiple weapons that will not give off.


Fixes freeze bug.
This video fixes unexplained freezing caused by GBA FE Hackrom in a few minutes.
If you use FEBuilderGBA 's Diff Debug Tool, you can easily fix bugs.

Please tell me if there is a mistranslation.


Hey! I’m really enjoying this program, but I have one problem: The Passive Boosts patch doesn’t work when the skills patch is installed. I know it has something to do with the data that the skills patch uses being the same as the data as the passive boosts patch, but I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. What should I do?


To the extent of my (admittedly limited knowledge) those 2 patches are impossible to use together because they interfere with the same routines


That patch can not be used with SkillSystems at the same time.
SkillSystems conflicts with many patches.


Ah, okay. Thanks for responding.