wow i didn’t know that thanks


Excuse me, but is there some way to “reorder” the colors of a portrait’s palette? I’m trying to insert two portraits of the same character to express mood changes and even used the trick of painting the palette on the top right corner of each picture. However, FEBuilderGBA seems to neglect that trick.


The best way is to use an external program like Usenti to manually edit the palette order.


I tried that before, with no avail.


did you save the image with the new palette order as a new image?


Yes. I’ve been through this problem before. The way I got around it last time was copying-pasting the same palette on the top-right corner of each picture, then inserting them through FEditor. However, since I’m now using FEBuilder, FEditor acts like it doesn’t want to cooperate.


why are you using feeditor and febuilder in conjunction?


I’m not. This is a new project for me. I’m trying to say that FEditor allowed me to make the fix. FEBuilder, at the moment, does not, and even if I wanted to, FEditor won’t work with me on this now.


are you able to post the two mugs?


Sorry. I just ended up reediting the two mugs until they read the same palette ordering. Thanks.


I don’t know if these are possible new bugs but I found them.

  1. It seems the internal code can be broken. The game only loads the chapters upon starting a new game. After that if I try to restart the chapter, the game freezes and cannot even recognize the script.

  2. Patching Double maximum possible stats v2 makes the game literally impossible to play and black screens the game when starting the chapter

I think the problems play a role together, I think #2 causes #1 but im not sure.


Please send report 7z.

Even if I apply patch (2) to vanilla, ROM will not break.
Therefore, I think that it is a problem of combination with other patches.


If I’m lazy and don’t want to overwrite any chapter, FEBuilder doesn’t currently provide the option to extend the chapter data. Wondering if you might be interested in adding a button.


Edit: same with Moving Map Anime. Even after patching, there is no option given in the editor to extend the list.


I think that it is better not to do it because expansion of the chapter table only increases unnecessary problems.
The chapter title image is related to chapter ID. In the second half, the data of the place name is contained.
withdraw points are also related to chapter data. In the second half, there is withdraw point data for NPC.
If expanding these chapter tables for these data will conflict with the latter data.

PLIST is involved in the event table occurring in the chapter. To increase the data, you need to extend PLIST and install the basic data for the event yourself.
World map events are also related to chapter data.
In order to increase the map and base data, it is necessary to expand the save data and it is quite difficult.
Therefore, even if it is expanded, procedures are required to use it as general chapter data.

The kaitou patch has data of 62 chapters + two cities (total of 64 chapters), but does not extend the chapter table.
The chapter table of FE 8 has a lot of empty space, so it does not matter if you do not expand it.
Conversely, if you extend it, you will have extra problems.
As with class extension, I think if you extend it, you need to fight more difficult problems.

The following chapter is installed for debugging.
This chapter works perfectly, so you can use it.
MapID: 0x3B , 0x3C

If this is not enough, there are the following areas.
However, there is no event data, so be careful.
MapID:0x2C , 0x2D

If you are trying to make a story of a huge adventure consisting of 100 chapters, there is no way to expand it.
However, if it is not so, we should use the vacant part without extending it.


Hello, a Silly request, in your battle animation editor, could you add a way to change the position of the sprite in the frame?


What kind of function is it?
Please give a more detailed explanation.


I think he’s asking for a way to move the position of each pixel (to move the entire sprite) along the x or y axis at once.


There is no battle animation command to move XY in pixel units to GBA FE.


It is a bit hard to explain, since I’m not a native English speaker. But I don’t mean to change the position of the sprite ingame, I mean to change the position of the sprite in the Frame with your editor, the battle animation editor that let us know where is our sprite going to be in relation to the terrain and the enemy sprite in battle, if you could add that function? I’ll add a pic so we may understand each other better

Here is a animation I want to correct, it is placed way below it should be, If you could add or make a tool for Febuilder in wich we could change the position of our sprite in the frames so we don make mistakes like the one I did, That would be awesome.


Basically he’s asking for a way to shift every frame in an animation by a specified x,y amount.