There’s two patches called “Add Event Condition: Item Check” and “Add Event: Lose item”. Using those
you could do something similar to what you say.


I Implemented in FEBuilderGBA a function to make data of different colors easily.
By right-clicking on the palette you want to change, you can change similar colors together.

Press Change to confirm the data, then write the palette to the ROM.

It may be useful when making battle animation coloring.


Is the modified crit patch integrated for FEBuilder?
I’m setting a weapon to 0xFF crit, in the R description it displays “–” but you can still do criticals


It’s not; a stat being set to 0xFF in item data automatically shows up as – (that’s how Eclipse shows – Might).


How did you install this patch?
I do not think that it is in the patch list of FEBuilderGBA.

Because the hook point is written in BL, the combination with FEBuilderGBA method is not good.
The range of BL can be limited and if another patch is using resources available in BL, it will cause unexplained freezing.


I tried to install it, but then all weapon stats are displayed as “–”, so I guess the patch in incompatible with another patch I have already installed.

And as @Tequila said, the game already sets any stat to “–” if the value is 0xFF


I changed the explanation of the conditional expression to a more readable one.

I think that it became easier to read than the previous ones.
If there is a better description method, I will ask for advice.


I am unable to uninstall any patches in febuilder. Everytime I try it automatically searches for backups,but does not actually do anything, even though I have many backups saved. Here is my report 7z:


Also, I would like to include Merlinus in the romhack I am working on, and I want him to be able to be able to come back after dying, like he did in the original fe 6. Does anyone know how to make a unit survive death in fe builder?


Goodness, that’s one hell of a file extension.


This problem was fixed in the latest version (Ver 20190103.16).
Please update FEBuilderGBA and try again.

Part of your backup file is broken.
It seems that the patch uninstaller caused an error.


Deaths are recorded in the status flag of the unit.
Therefore, by turning off the status flag, you can restore the dead.

To change the status flag, use the UNCM / UNCR instruction.
Since this instruction does not exist in FE 8, please be able to adapt Tequila’s patch so that you can issue instructions.

NAME=FE8-Set Condition(UNCM命令をFE8に実装する)
NAME.en=Add Event: Set Unit State Conditions (UNCM)
NAME.zh=FE8-Set Condition(在FE 8上实施UNCM指令)

When this patch is applied, UNCM / UNCR is added to the event instruction.
To turn on the status flag, use the UNCM instruction.
To turn OFF the status flag, use the UNCR instruction.

This time, since the death flag is turned off, use the UNCR instruction.
Please issue the UNCR at the start event to turn off the death of Merlinus.
Then, even if Merlinus is dead, you can cancel the death.


Thank you for the help!


I found an oversight in the patch “Stat Bar Max Length” {U} - currently it only changes the addresses 0x87132 and 0x87142. It needs to change 0x870FE and 0x87102 also.

870FE and 87102 are used in calculating whether the boosted stat bar should be drawn. It doesn’t cause a problem for positive boosts, so the issue isn’t obvious from using the patch alone.

But, when I adapted a Negative Stat Boosts hack, the bar length over 30 was drawn as negative because it was comparing to the old limit of 30 and underflowing. Since Negative Stat Boosts is included in the skill system, this problem would happen if both patches are used together.


I was wondering - is it possible for you to add a patch to edit the Aid formulas? I know it’s doable for mounted aid, as it’s done here, but a way to easily edit it could be helpful on occasion.


The reply was delayed.
I fixed it with the latest version.

ADDRESS=0x87132 0x87142 0x870FE 0x87102

I have fixed other series of patches.


This content is what Teq prepares as a teaching material.
So, why do not you try doing it yourself with reference to the contents written here?

In FEBuilderGBA, I think that it can be added by Menu -> Open -> Event Assembler.

If you can pack this in a patch format please send it to me.

In FEBuilderGBA, we have prepared patches that make AID same for men and women.

NAME.en=Toggle Gender-Neutral Cavalry Rescue


Got it, I’ll see if I can pull it off.


Why isn’t it possible to copy the data of one shop into another / have them run off the same table? It’s hella annoying having to retool every shop’s inventory one by one.


This is a standard feature, just copypaste the Items Sold pointer.