Here is my report


I want you to check the meaning of the question.
Your question is that Map Hover Anime is displayed only until 0x61 Ranger?

This is because Map Hover Anime 0x62 is for null data.
Therefore, the list search was interrupted there.

This is because the next data of the Map Hover Anime data is the Magic Anime Effect, Repording that data results in extensive null data and FELint outputs a large number of errors, so the user protected function
The workaround is to put some data in Map Hover Anime 0x62.

  1. Go to Map Hover Anime and increase Count figures.
  2. Click the Reload button.

By doing this, you can see the data outside the automatically detected range.

Please select Map Hover Anime 0x62 and enter something appropriate data.
If FEBuilderGBA issues a warning saying writing outside the range, please ignore it now.
Because we know that this data is out of range.

(This warning is a protection function to prevent people who write data from corrupting the ROM by increasing Count without re-pointing.).

(This time I export 0x61 Ranger’s animation and imported it to 0x62).

After writing the data to Map Hover Anime 0x62, please close Map Hover Anime Form once and reopen it.
Since Map Hover Anime 0x62 has the correct value, it will be detected after that.


I wrote the details about report7z.

If you are using FEBuilderGBA and have problems, please send report7z.

Why do I need to create report7z?

Because it is to reliably reproduce the your problem and restore it.
It is the same as a medical doctor examining a patient.
Medical doctor can not treat without examining them.

report7z contains all the information necessary to reproduce your problem.
Therefore, we can accurately reproduce your problem and fix it.

Why do I need report7z instead of bulletin board exchange?

Because It is to shorten the time.
We live in different time zones.
Therefore, it takes time to check the parameters on the bulletin board.
Also, we can not give accurate advice unless we can confirm your status.
To solve this problem at once, report7z was created.

Does report7z include ROM?

Illegal ROM is not included at all.
Report7z contains only ups patches.

Does report7z include my personal information?

Because the mask processing is executed in the log included in report7z, your personal information is not included.
The path of FEBuilderGBA is replaced by %BASEDIR%.
The user’s home directory is replaced with %USER%.

Conversion example




How can I send report7z?

Either way is fine.
As mentioned earlier, since ROM and personal information are not included, there is no problem with any method.

Send the file with discord.
send a file with discord DM.
Post it on the uploader and contact the URL.
Upload to dropbox and contact URL

Please send in your favorite way.


Thanks for the extra work and helping us :slight_smile:


The uninstall feature no longer works for me. It doesn’t allow me to choose a backup without the patch and it disappears before I can do anything.


I do not understand the meaning of the question.
Which patch can not be uninstalled?
Please also send report 7z.



How do you send report7z from the beginning?
I am painful to write “Please send report7z” every time.
I already say this line 50 times.

My patience is reaching its limits.
Please send report7z from the beginning…

How can I get report7z from the beginning?
This function is also written in Help.
Is it difficult to understand this function?


I have a suggestion: If this is a big problem it’s probably a good idea to add the “Report” Menu Item to the main toolbar of the “Simple Menu” window. You could also change the color to red for example. This way the button should catch the attention of the user immediately. Currently the button is part of a sub menu so many people might miss it and don’t even know about it.

I would also suggest to edit the first post of this thread and adding a note about the importance of the “report7z” file.


Thanks for the advice.

I Update the this topics.
and I Update FEBuilderGBA.


There’s an issue with FE7 in FEBuilder. When I try to edit characters’ promoted palettes, they display the incorrect battle animation in the editor. For example, when I try to edit Hector’s promoted animation, the editor shows the knight lord animation instead of the great lord one.

Characters set to promoted support classes have the same problem, where their promoted animations don’t show up correctly. Both of these problems also occur in FE6.


This problem was fixed in the latest version(ver 20181217.02).
Thank you for reporting the bug.


Can make it to display unique animation for character?


You might want to take a look at the Palette Editor first for associating class options with characters.

That is if you want different colors of course. As far as I know for a differences in animation within the “same class” you would have to copy a class to another list entry and link a custom animation to it. (Technically it’s a new class then)


Custom animation is not affected by Unit Palette.
Therefore, it can not be displayed in this item.

However, we can not change the battle animation on the current UI, so we need improvement.
In the latest version, the battle animation displayed in the preview can be changed by the user.


Hi, quick question here : Is there a way to export and import a chapter from a FE7 rom into a FE8 rom ? Like if I can dump all the chapter from FE7 to play in on FE8 with the Mechanic of FE8 ? (Like the promotion choice & maybe moving on a map to allow access to the Valni Tower.)

Thanks for the info and the Builder, its a master piece.


That’s impossible.

The event instructions of FE 7 and FE 8 are completely different.
You can export it in EA format, but you need to manually convert it for FE8.

The biggest difference between FE7 and FE8’s event instruction is that there is a memory slot.
The way to branch events is quite different.

Unit setting etc are also different between FE 7 and FE 8.
For example, there is one Promotion on FE 7, but there are multiple Promotions on FE 8.
Therefore, the data structure is different.

Unit Placer also has a different format.
In FE 8, it is possible to set the movement route of multiple units, but only FE 7.
Also, how to set drop items is different.

I think that it is faster to create it from scratch than to correct these differences manually.


It’s me again 7743, i need your help:
After i installed some patches and some animations, some of the classes freeze the game whenever they attempt to attacking. I’ve tried almost anything but still cannot fix it.

My save
My report.7z


Perhaps this bug was caused by a bug in the patch below.

NAME.en=DSFE Growths(Total growth = character growth + class growth)
NAME=DSFEスタイルの成長(成長率=ユニット成長 + クラス成長)

Uninstalling this patch works fine.

In this part, we enter infinite recursion. (0x080296bc)
As a result, a stack overflow occurs.

It is unknown why this patch causes bugs.
If I advance the game from chapter 1 in the new game, not this save data, this bug will not occur.

It may be that there are some special conditions.

Please do not use this patch.
In the next update, I will add a warning.

Please contact vennou of author of DSFE Growths.


So the problem is that patches, not the animations. I know what to do now.


@7743 I meant, as an example, if instead of getting a rapier in the prologue and then a sienglide lategame, is it possible to change the rapier into the sienglide via some event.