How does FEBuilder interact with Tequila’s Str-Mag split (FE7)? I want to know if I can put in the patch first or need to make the rest of the hack first.


Tequila’s Str-Mag split (FE7)

I do not know the patch.
Where is the patch?
Please write the URL.


Just started using the software last week, so I’m very new and inexperienced. I hooked up Visual Boy Advance to FEBuilder and started testing.

When I first opened the emulator, a debug window (is that what it is called?) opened up too. It showed all the code that the game was using as it played.

However, now it doesn’t show up when I test the game – how do I make it appear again?

Sorry if this isn’t explained well.


It is displayed only when you start the emulator by pressing F5 key on FEBuilderGBA.
Do you want to start the emulator from FEBuilderGBA?

As another possibility,
It is possible that the debug screen for connection to the emulator has already been opened.
You can not open two at the same time.
For some reason, it may be that one of the emulators is hanging up.

If you do not understand well please restart windows.
and run FEBuilderGBA again , and start the emulator again with F5 key.

If it still does not work please send report 7z.


Thank you for the very quick response! I got it fixed.

Another question. How do I manually set walking/overworld animations? I have been trying to re-skin my thief class so it looks like a fighter. When standing still he has the fighter animation, but when he walks on the map and is selected by the cursor it still triggers the thief animation.


When you changed the thief animation to fighter, in that window the bottom right corner is says like Jumping to Move Animation. You have to change that too.


Hm, I just want to clear this up so there isn’t a misunderstanding.

I’m talking about the table where you assign magic animations to the items, not the magic animations itself.

Is this also the one you were referring to?


A quick feature suggestion:

Would it be possible to implement a Nearest Neighbor image scaling algorithm whenever you zoom images with FEBuilder? Right now I think the editor uses a Bilinear scaling algorithm which doesn’t suit pixel art very well and makes everything blurry when zoomed.


Here’s the FEUniverse thread: Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans
Note that it doesn’t give details within the post and instead tells you to read the README.


Please send the data first.
If I do not confirm the data, I can not do anything.


What screen are you talking about?
FEBuilderGBA is not graphic software.
so, Since the image of GBA is small, the zoom function exists only for ease of editing.
If you want to see the image with beautiful zoom, export the image and zoom with the dedicated graphic software.


Well I was specifically thinking of the Tileset Palette Editor and how the icon in the upper right to show how a tile is assembled is zoomed in so far and so blurry that it’s hard to distinguish how a color palette or new tile you’re making looks. I understand FEBuilder isn’t an image editor and that the zoom features are just for making it easier to edit, but I think it would be even easier to see and edit across the editor if zoomed in images used Nearest Neighbor to scale images and icons.


I do not want to change the routine to enlarge the image.

However, instead of right clicking, I added function to select the current tile.

It is already implemented in the map editor.
Right click on the map to select that tile.
The same thing can be done with TSA Editor.


This is a pretty huge patch.
It will take quite a while because I have to investigate.


This is confusing me slightly - how do I go about setting throwing axes? It doesn’t show any kind of setting anywhere, and beyond that it’s very vague. (I did set throwing axes differently from normal, but I don’t know how to show that it is a throwing axe. That’s the problem.)


It is a translation problem.
The original text is as follows.


Motion that throws “Javelin” can be use by Lance’s motion.
However, motion that throws “Hand Axs” can not use motion of Axs’s motion.
You need to set motion for every item you can throw axs.

For example, see the General setting of FE 8.
There are settings of “Hand Axs”, “Tomahawk”, “Hatchet”.
Because these three axes can throw.
If you forget the settings, the battle animation will freeze at the moment you throw Axs.

This message conveys it.
If you have a better translation, please send it to me.


I would translate as:

Throwing lances like Javelins can use the Lance animation type.
However, throwing axes like the Hand Axe have a special animation type that is separate from close-range axes, and they will use the throwing axe animation even at 1-range.
You will need to set separate animation data for throwing axes and close-range axes. If not, the animation will freeze when a throwing axe is equipped.
There is hard-coded data for the Hatchet, Tomahawk and Hand Axe which specifies the throwing axe behavior.


Ooooh. Now I understand, and I was able to pull off what I needed to do.
While I can’t read the Japanese, I think I might have a suitable translation for what you need.

“Set the animation to use for each weapon.
Ranged lances fall under the Lances type.
Ranged axes do not fall under the Axes type.
They must be individually added and animated.”

How would that work?
(Also ranged swords should have a line, if it ends up making a difference. I don’t know which way they work.)


I believe this is what you’re looking for. You have to set Special to 0 and then manually look for Hand Axe, Tomahawk, and Hatchet.
Hand Axe is 28 as shown, Tomahawk is 29, and Hatchet is 2C assuming you didn’t change them around and are using 8.
If you’re hacking 7 then it’s 28, and 29 again. Hatchet isn’t in 7 so you don’t have to worry about it.


Hello, just wanted to say I absolutely love using this tool!
Unfortunately, just recently I’ve run into a huge issue that has me completely unmotivated to continue working on my rom hack. In the unit placer for the chapter I was working on, I created a new unit wave filled with 11 units including a boss, however, when I use the load units and move command inside the chapter start event it completely bugs my game. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I will include screenshots of the event and the glitch that occurs in game.