If you have already installed WeaponLockEx, you may be able to revive WeaponLockEx by modifying it with hex editor as follows.
1673C=28 30 40 18

If you do not understand well please send me report 7z.
I will send you the modified version.


Tequila transplanted FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off to FE8J.

NAME.en=FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off
INFO.en=Show battle stats when animations are off.\r\nWhen battle animation is OFF, battle status information is additionally displayed under the display of physical strength bar at map battle.


This is really great! Thank you very much for patch author.
Thank you very much for the hard work of Mr. 7743.


You’re quite welcome :slight_smile:


I don’t want him to skip some scenarios, I have to watch them compulsively. I don’t seem to see this command in FE8. There are some in FE7. Is there a way?


Skipping can not be prohibited, but you can create a skip break.
Please look at the OP event.

You can see that it has the following syntax:
EVBIT_F Bit 0x02 Stop event Skipping

If you skip the event by pressing the start button, it will be skipped until this break.


In Ver:20181101.21 FEBuilderGBA.
When updating SkillSystems in the environment where OldSkillSystens + WeaponLock is installed ,
Automatically, Shadowgift is disabled.

This makes updating SkillSystems easier.


A bug was found in the updater of SkillSystems of FEBuilderGBA.
The display of “Weapon rank increased to” message does not work well.

I have created a patch to fix this problem.
In FEBUlderGBA ver 20181102.22
“Fix SkillSystems TextID 0x02” Patch

If you are experiencing this problem please apply this patch.
You can only install this patch if you are having problems.

FEBuilderGBA manages character strings separately from SkillSystems.
The place to decide the character string is defined collectively,

However, the skill system after 2018/02/17 (February) only defines “Weapon rank increased to” in another place.
I overlooked this string.

Engine Hacks\Skill System\Internals\FE8-Weapon Rank on Levelup\FE8-Weapon Rank on Levelup EA.txt
	#incext ParseFile "0x2.txt"


Hi, quick question : Is there a way to edit the enemy stats bonus on FE7 EHM and on FE8?
Thanks !


Are you talking about hard mode bonuses?
Please Click the Chapter Editor -> Difficully


I am currently editing FE7 Eliwood hard mode and the pre-promote enemy unit are way harder than in the normal version of my hack. And from what I’ve test, I can’t reduce the hard mode bonus to a negative value. Is it me missing on something or I can only increase the difficulty from what I already have now ? Is there any other way to edit the global stats bonuses on enemy on hard mode?

Sorry if I am not 100% clear, I’m doing my best in english ^^.


Do you use the latest version? (Version:20181102.22)
With the latest version, English translation is working correctly.

Please update it with the click update button.


Thanks, work better now.

I think the only solution for my issues is to edit every classes base and ghowts, because I don’t think we can just “lower” the enemy stats in hard mode below the base of what the game is already at the start.

But thanks again for your support !


The most recent (10/28/2018) Skill Systems Patch and Toggle Gender Neutral Cavalry Patch are conflicting. I made the made Seth female and the toggle gender neutral cavalry patch was working. But, when I install skill systems, the the calvary aid patch no longer works.


Thank you for information.

It seems that it conflicts with InjectConGetters of SkillSystems.

If you use SkillSystems, that patch does not seem to be available.
Next time, I will put mark “conflict” by this patch.

Engine Hacks\MSG\3rdParty\InjectConGetters.event
	ORG $189EC
	SHORT 0x1C20 //mov r0,r4


Hello 7743, it’s me (again). Something wrong about the ups file you gave me earlier.
Whenever i suspended then resume game, all my units have gone to another dimension and the results is game over. I’m kinda at work so i can’t give you a report.7z but you can use the patch yesterday to reproduced it.


Nếu ông có sử dụng patch class expansion hay mở rộng stats thì nó là lí do ấy.


Để tối tôi xem lại đã tại giờ đang đi làm chỉ online bằng điện thoại , không chắc là tôi có cài 2 cái đó không. Thank ông


Please reinstall the “Class Expansion (2018/05/19)” patch.
That will solve it.

I also send ups.


Hello there, 7743. I found that the skill animation saved the error after modifying the script. Will this be fixed in the future?
Save the error as shown below