When I apply the Unique Battle Music Per Unit Installer. It causes the regular battle music to stay as the map music for player and enemy phase.


I do not really understand the meaning.
Please explain more concretely.

also, Please send report7z.


When I apply the patch it does not play the battle music when I battle. It plays the map music instead.
This is the patch


That’s because you are not setting up patches.
This patch changes battle BGM for each chapter.
FE 8 reuses data that is not used.
Please change this value.

if (hasBossBGM(current_enemy))
{//Boss music will be given top priority
else if (hasUniqueBattleMusic(current_unit))
{//If there is setting for each unit, it will be played
{//If not, BGM for each chapter will be played


失礼しました Some of your latest patches are not available. They can not be added.





What language can you speak?
If it is in Japanese, there is a Japanese community.



The drug that lowers CON(体格) is “diet_drug” patch.
It use a negative value for CON of the item’s statbooster(能力補正/ドーピング).

However, with this patch, only the value increased by using body ring(ボディリング), increased physique.
It can not be lower than the basic value of unit or class.


Good evening, sir. New patches can not be installed. They prompt for error. Can you fix it?

For example, the latest box.


Please send me report 7z.


My God? Not only this, many patches have this, I open the old version, they are running normally, the new version of many patches are not.


You need lyn.exe.
This is also written in the explanation of the patch.

MMB is written using lyn.
Therefore, it is necessary to set lyn so that it can be called from EA.

Please copy lyn.exe to EA’s Tools directory.


I have created the “DismountEx” Patch.
Please update FEBuilderGBA.

You can ride a horse with the Rade and Exit command.
For riding units, please create a setting.

By default, Eirika(Lord), Seth, Neimi(Archer) can ride a horse.

In addition, you can forcibly put it on a horse with an event order, and you can lower it.

However, using this function affects promotion, so it would be better to target only promotion unit.
Or you need to adjust the mechanism of promotion.

For compatibility, when selecting Archer to ride on the ballista, the ballista is given priority.
First of all, please try after back up.


Please forgive me for asking this silly question. I didn’t find a document that could be executed.(lyn.exe)




Are you using the latest version of EventAssmbler?

In older versions, you can not use the symOutput option.


Thank you very much for your guidance. My problem has been solved successfully.


Hello, I’m having a glitch here, I cannot change the maps of the prologue and chapter 11 in hector and eliwood mode, They only accept one custom map I made, but if I change it the screen goes black, and not opening black, it stays black even with the OOBB command in the Events.
Also my class table is going beyond FF and I don’t know why?
Here is my report:


I am not familiar with FE7.

First of all, I do not know if there is a patch that can fix problems when expanding classes with FE 7.

About the chapter.
I think the “start event” of the prologue is broken.
The address of “start event” does not point to an event.
It referring to an unknown byte.

Have you done anything special to skip lyn edition?

I think that it is better for you to redo this project with FE 8.


On a separate map editor, they have the ability to generate maps automatically, such as mountains and palaces. They can produce rough outlines that can be used only with modifications. FEB can’t, especially mountains. It makes me dizzy. You might consider introducing this feature.