There is no plan to make more than the screen of FEBuilderGBA.
To calculate a strict growth rate, it is necessary to set various parameters.
It’s too complicated and will not be used.

If it is FE8J, you can use Project_FE_GBA’s simulation screen.
Project_FE_GBA’s simulation screen probably calculates strict numbers.
However, to do that, it is necessary to set a lot of parameters.

It was too complicated, and I gave up using it.

So, I made a simulation function that I could use more easily.
The accuracy of the numerical value falls to a certain extent.
However, it is important to be easy to use.


Thank you for information.

It is probably still undiscovered data.

it seems to the 080C1298 Function be the starting point.
The address 08AC1B08 is Menu Defintions.
From here, it seems that the world map menu structure you found is called.


Moving force is 0xF upper limit.
Perhaps it is dangerous to use the upper bits.
From 0xF it will be possible to reduce the upper limit, but raising it is dangerous.


He works normally within 19, and 20 will have BUG.


I think that 0x1F(31) is the basic value.
31 - Luck = Bad probability

When breaking through the upper limit of the status 31,
I thought it was dangerous unless we changed this value.


This is the data that FE8J seals the scope of demons.






The list of troops shows enemy troops.
08093020 01-81
Show all the troops.
08093048 3f-bf



What does this mean?
In which scene should I use this?
08093020 2401 mov r4, #0x1
08093022 1C20 mov r0 ,r4
08093024 F786 F870 bl 0x08019108 //GetUnitStruct

the 08093020 seems to pickup data of Unit ID 1 エイリーク Eirika.
This seems to change this value to 0x81 グラド兵 Grado soldiers.

However, I do not know where to use it.
Where can I check this if I look at the game?


He’s the first one on the battle menu, because I’m poor at English, and I don’t understand the ability to use forums to post pictures.


I think I sent you the report already, I can’t find it on my pc lol, but anyway, I fixed the Pointer as you said, but It is really weird that I had no glitches since I did not change that Pointer. The only Issue left is The table size.


When did you send it?
I have not received it.

Please send it again.
As a precaution I attach the report 7z procedure manual.


@7743 Could you add the unmounting patches to FE_builder?



I’m going to jump on the patch train (sorry about that) for this one, mostly because beginning hackers who use FEBuilder like myself may not have learned how to edit hexes or may not understand it.


In the latest Skills System patch, Vantage (and Vantage+) aren’t working. Is there a way to fix this in FEBuilder as I don’t have any experience with hex editing?
I also tried using an older Skills patch (20180515) which fixes Vantage, but it has an entirely different bug. If I were to have an item ID past D3 in my inventory, then it would give a 47% growth boost to units in some stats.

Example: This is Seth without the item ID past D3

And this is Seth’s growths with an item ID past D3

The additional growths also do actually have an effect too (notice the +2 in HP).


I don’t think you should report about error with Skill Patch here. There is a topic for it and you should report over there so people who working on it might see and fix it.


In FE8J, there was a patch made by the author of FE 8 Girls.
However, the structure seems to be different in FE8U, and this patch did not operate properly.
I was planning to investigate later and forgotten.
This time, I knew the patch for FE8U, so I replaced it with this one.
Thank you for telling me the patch.

NAME.en=Saving in the Tower and Ruins


It is an interesting patch.

This patch supports only swapping of simple classes.
And it is re-pointing the menu.

I want to reimplement it, not a transplant.

I do not want to re-point the menu as much as possible.
Because menus are to be modified by various people.
I am afraid of patch conflicts.

I think that it should be common to menu command to get on and off the varistor rather than adding a menu.

Since re-implementation takes time, I want you to wait.

B1:CLASS=From Class
B2:CLASS=To Class
B3:MAP=Chaptor ID(FF=Any)
W4:FLAG=Judgment flag(0=Any)

sizeof() == 12

If we implement it with such a structure, I think that it will become more versatile.


I implemented the following patches. FE8J/FE8U

NAME.en=Effective range of Magic Seal

NAME.en=Upper limit of moving power

NAME.en=Devil Axs: The value to use when lowering the probability of self-destruction

NAME.en=Devil Axs: The probability of self-destruction

NAME.en=Devil Axs: Fix Glitch that self-destructs whenever an underflow bug occurs.
NAME.zh=修复Devil Ax中发生下溢错误时总是自毁的错误


I do not understand well with this explanation.
Please explain more concretely.

Also, please press this button when attaching images.


Thanks so much!