I supported with ver 20180924.17.

From the details menu, select Worldmap BGM.
It is on the right side of the detailed menu.

Also, I added one patch.
MUSIC_Creature Campaign


The wiki has been changed.



thanks for the instructions. The output of the English version- Sword of Heaven and Earth looks neat. However, a display issue occurred when I tried to translate TLP into Japanese. The translated text look like this

I wonder where I went wrong during the translation process.

Also by reading previous discussions I understand that the ROM rebuild function would not solve the problem of ‘running out of free space’ with TLP, which I encountered when I tried to modify it. So I guessed I might have to delete some of the original chapters of TLP to bypass it. But I don’t know how (to delete chapters). Well, this is really a dumb question. But I hope you can help me. Thanks.


Nếu ông thêm animation mới thì phải chỉnh màu lại cho char sở hữu animation đó chứ.


Chỉnh ở đâu thế ông? Trong febuilder hay cần 1 phần mềm khác nữa



Thì ra là thế, chân thành cảm ơn ông đã giúp tôi.


Certainly, it does not work on tlp.
It works on FE 8 but it does not seem to work with FE 7.
Since it used to work in the past, it may be that I made a mistake somewhere.
I will fix it later.


This bug fixed in Version:20180926.21.


Is there a way to add a turn condition that creates a tile change?

Ex: Takumi removing the water in Conquest Chapter 10


You can choose to execute a tile change as part of an event.
All you need to do is set a turn condition event that has the tile change and anything you want to accompany it (i.e. Dialogue regarding it)


Oh wow. I dunno how I didn’t see that. Thanks. Is there a way to resize the tile change to larger than 3x3?

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out~!


Hello, I am a hacker, the emergence of FEB has brought us great convenience, but there are always people in our country to use FEB to crack the documents we do, this is a headache problem, there is no solution?


Can FEbuilder make anti cheat patch?


Just started to get into Rom hacking.
while working on chapters I saw that suddely all text disappear from the FEBuilder.
I cant navigate in the text menu to change it nor see chapter names and so.
But in the game all text work perfectly with the chagnes I made to them.
Is there a way to restore the text to FEBuilder or should I just start from base rom again and work my way?


I don’t see why FEBuilder should take responsibility for that. A tool isn’t responsible for what people do with it. It’s like blaming a knife for killing someone instead of cutting food.
That’s why copyright/credits exist, but ofc in our field it’s a bit of a mess since we’re all doing illegal work technically speaking.
None of us is in the position to claim copyright over anything, and it all comes to “courtesy” in our community. There are people who don’t care about that, and I totally condemn that kind of behaviour, but unfortunately a hacker should be prepared for that kind of situation.

Either way, FEBuilder isn’t at fault.
And the solution would probably be to encrypt the whole rom, which… isn’t very doable?


Sorry, I think you misunderstood my meaning. I just want to know if there is any way to solve this problem. I am here to seek help. If this causes your dissatisfaction, I apologize to you.


I didn’t misunderstand. I said that you’d probably need to encrypt the ROM.
And I also said that it would be better if you’re prepared for that because fan projects aren’t subject to copyright and there will always be people who will try to steal your content.

I’m pretty sure someone else can give you a more satisfying answer, anyway.
Forgive me if I came off as rude, I assure you that that wasn’t my intention.

Have a great day and happy hacking


Well, I will try to solve this problem myself, thank you.


If you do not want to be remodeled, you will encrypt the ROM.
ROM can not be completely prevented from being deciphered, but it can raise the difficulty of remodeling.

However, I hope that when your hack is released, I will release material data used for hacks with a free license.
For example, if you release your data with the license of CC-BY-NC of Creative Commons, the modified FE com-munity will develop further.

Anyone can use this data freely.
However, it is a license that clearly states the author’s name of the data, and that it does not use commercial use.
Creative Commons is a free license widely adopted also in wikipedia etc.

You can use it by writing an 8-byte character string called CC-BY-NC.
Also, those who use illegal data of CC-BY-NC will be a barrier to discouraging illegal use, as it will make creative commons to the enemy.

The remodeled FE is built on the analysis techniques of the predecessors.
If possible, please do not forbid and monopolize, but please open it as free data and contribute to remodel FE com-munity, i hope.