ok i see, but i think that you misunderstand what i mean or i am really bad at expressing myself. in the pictures you should be able to see that the phase frame (not the player phase thing, that works fine for me). i re-downloaded febuilder and it works the same on fresh, clean roms.


oh. sorry, you are talking about PHASE_FRAME.
I misunderstood it as PLAYER_PHASE patch.


the PHASE_FRAME patch has problems.
I calculate the height by 24.
But this should be 32.
I will fix it later.


I fixed PATCH_PHASE_FRAME patch with ver20180911.21


thanks man :3


Okay new issue. When I try to give gold to the player (when visiting a home) the unit that visits the house freezes


Had an image in event editor?


I mean when I play in the emulator and visit the home I don’t get the gold and the unit freezes. What do you mean by image in event editor?


Like this


Yes, I am using the image in event editor… and here is the event.


Don’t need comman execute map tile change, erase it. Because it’s a house, so you make its tile change here:


I got rid of the command but it still freezes the unit visiting.


You can create report and send it to 7743 in discord


Will do


Where might I find the discord link?




I can not open ups on this report 7z.
Probably ups is made from ROM that is not a remodeled ROM.
CRC do not match.
Please make ups from regular non-remodeled ROM.


Okay sorry will do


Okay I did it.


Probably because UnitID = 0x01 does not exist.
Therefore, the GetUnitCharByID function (0x0801829C @FE8U) enters an infinite loop.
In FE 8, UnitID = 0x01 must be set as a load unit.
And it needs to be present in the party list.

I changed the prologue ‘s event and let’ s join eirika to the my party.
Then, this event works correctly.