I am having an issue where once u reload an ingame save all of the units disappear. I know this may not be the correct place to ask for help with this but I don’t really know of anywhere else. Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Please create report.7z from Menu -> “File” -> “Create Report Issue” and send it to me.
I want to reproduce the problem.


I am using 1b (enemy) as the unit # when the glitch occurs.


I do not know by itself.
I want to know how to reproduce surely.

And if the bug is reproduced in BossRush of the test stage of SkillSystems, that is a problem of SKillSystems.
Conversely, if it does not occur in BossRush, it is a problem of FEBuilderGBA.

First of all, I want to isolate the problem.
In order to investigate which problem is involved, a detailed reproduction procedure is necessary.

How can I reproduce the bug with unmodified FE8U?
Please send me a report.7z if it does not occur unless it’s your ROM which complicated settings.


Hello, I was just wondering if there’s anyway to mass replace text using the text editor?

For example, if I wanted to replace every time the game says “Iron” with “Steel”.


Hello, I was just wondering if there’s anyway to mass replace text using the text editor?

Please use a Import/Export Function.


Is there an ASM that allows these to be displayed anytime Support is being increased… similar to FE7x??


I do not know.
To change the status screen, you need to write asm.


Can you create a patch of fe6 that give preparation screen “use item (especially stats booster) in Trade”? I’ll be grateful


That’s impossible.
I recommend you to develop it with FE8.


Well FML.
Anyway, thanks.
Edit : if there is a button that “port everything of Fe6 to Fe8” because of my laziness and ignorance :rofl:


I’m having issues with being able to add to the list for magic animations. I’m going to go through my process of getting to the error.

  1. Open up an unedited FE8 ROM.
  2. Open “Advanced Editors” and then “Magic Animations”.
  3. Install either one of the two patches it says to install.
  4. Say “Yes” when it says to extend the magic table.
  5. Get an error.

What am I doing wrong? I just want to add a single spell animation. (I’ve also sent two reports, but I feel like I’ll get help sooner here.)


It seems there was something wrong with the latest version.
I will post a modified version tomorrow, so please wait a while.
Once I release it I will contact you again.


Okay, thank you!


This problem was fixed in ver 20180907.00.


even when i apply a backup rom without a patch (modern growths) it won’t uninstall.
any idea why? help?


Is your version of FEBuilderGBA old?
Please update to the latest version.

There was such a bug in part of the old version.
It is now fixed.

If you still can not solve, please send me report.7z .


Hellooo 7743!

I found an issue in a hack, some of the classes moving map animation and hover map animation don’t match with the right one. What do I need to do to fix the problem so it matches?


Does it only occur in your remodeling?
Or may it occur in vanilla?

If it occurs in vanilla, detailed information is necessary.
Specifically, which class ID has a problem?

If it occurs only by your remodeling, please note the following.

map hover animation refers to class id.
It is recommended that class id be ordered in the order of the list.

Therefore, please change the list of map hover animation to match class id.

When reporting a problem, please tell me how I can reproduce it.
If concrete information is not written, there is no way to reproduce it, so I can not help you.

If you do not understand well please send me report.7z .
Also please tell me about the class ID where the problem occurs.


Hello, I am new, is there a tutorial on how to use all the features of FEBuilder? I saw one on youtube but it didn’t show how to add new classes or how to insert animations some other stuff