I didn’t see an explanation on this, but is there a way to reorder the chapters?
For example: If I removed the route split and wanted to use Ephraim’s chapters as extra chapters in a linear manner i.e. Chapter 14 of Eirika’s path ending and changing to Chapter 11 of Ephraim’s path, could I do that or would it break the game?


It is possible to go to both Carcino and Grado, but it is difficult.

FE8J Kaitou reuses the Ephraim chapter.
FE8J Midori, we can progress both routes alternately.

However, in order to realize this, we have to adjust the world map event.
This is quite difficult.

First of all, you should consider whether you can use the area of the tower and ruins.
This area is easy to use because the world map event does not matter.
If still not enough, please use the Ephraim chapter.


All I had to do was change the “go to chapter with world map” to “go to chapter without world map” and change the chapter to the one desired. Of course I’d have to remove the events for recruiting any units I already have or I could remove the conversation for said character and reidentify the unit in the unit placer as a random enemy. I don’t know if that made sense but it worked smoothly for me.


It’s not that easy and you’ll eventually find some bugs. If you make all the chapters like that without editing world map events, sooner or later your game will freeze when trying to move to the next chapter. At least, 6 years ago it was like that.


Now that we can fix that problem.
Please install this patch.

NAME.en=Skip World Map Fix

Also, there is a bug where you will run out of buffer for road IDs when you go both routes at the same time.

If you do not reset and go around the continent, you will run out of buffers to show the way to the final chapter.
There is also a patch here.

NAME.en=Fix SetupNewWMRoute. Do not draw the road again.
NAME=SetupNewWMRouteの修正 既に引いた道を再び引かない

With these two patches, problems that exist in the world map can be solved.


I have noticed that Febuilder had got way better since i stop looking at fe universe for a while.
And i was wondering…
It is possible to make weapons that cannot double ?
Like, no matter what your speed you cant double the enemy but it wont reduce your actual speed like the weapon weight does


I think that there is no patch “Do not attack twice”.
We can not deny attacks twice in FE specifications.
Someone needs to create such a patch.


“Wary Fighter” skill maybe the only option that you want to use at this time if you want to make a unit can not attack twice. I don’t think there is any other way to do that


I was thinking more into a game mechanic that would make it so that only certain 2 range weapons could double


  • Hand axes could double at melee but not at 2 range
  • Short bows could hit only once at meele range

It seems to me that it could be fun mechanic to use


Can the FE8 world map have the same size as the FE7 world map?


The size of the world map is different for each series.


I noticed that in FE 8, promoted enemies, when auto leveled to level 20, will actually have stats as if they leveled up to level 30. I thought that the patch “Fix Weak Promoted Enemies” would fix this but it did not seem to do anything. Was I mistake or could it be that the patch isn’t working?


Is it on the simulation of the growth rate of FEBuilderGBA?
Or is the enemy growth rate of the actual game?

In the simulation of FEBuilderGBA, I do not see the existence of this patch.
If it is a simulation problem, I will fix it later.

If it is an actual game problem, this patch may not be working properly.


It is in the actual game


The fix weak enemies patch definately works, it might be a unique problem. Check that your loaded units have Class Dependent defined in the autolevel box in the Unit Placer.

I’d also compare predicted class stats @ level 10 in the class editor with the stats that are loaded with whatever unit in game to make sure they’re similar.


I hope these screen shots should help to explain the problem. The auto level box is indeed checked, but a level 10 wyvern lord has the roughly same stats in game as the stats of the level 20 simulation in Fe Builder. This happens regardless of whether the patch is applied or not. I’m not sure, but it may be some of my patches are conflicting, because I noticed another patch, the gender neutral mounted aid calc patch, also isn’t working on this rom but works on others.Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…Uploading…


Ok, I edited a clean Fe 8 Rom and marked Seth as female in order to test the gender neutral mounted aid calc patch.

It worked initially as female Seth’s aid was 14 (25-11), but when I patched the most recent skills system patch to the rom female Seth’s aid droped to 9 (20-11, the female aid calc) I then uninstalled the Skills Systems patch and Female Seth’s aid returned to 14


In FEBuilderGBA simulation, I do not see “Fix Weak Promoted Enemies”.
I ignore that patch and calculate it.

In GBAFE, enemies with the flag of Promoted(上級職) are calculated as Promotion on Lv 10.
That is, Lv 5 corresponds to Lv 15.

There are two types of AutoLevel, Unit Base and Class Base.
Do not confuse these two things.

Generally, enemies use Class Base, and players and bosses use UnitBase.


Forgive me for still being very new at this, but could I ask for a quick walkthrough on how to edit english into the text on a J rom? I’m trying to do some text editing on Midori which is on an FE8J ROM, and I’m also trying it on an untranslated FE6 to see if I could figure out how. I have anti-huffman applied and I tried creating fonts and using the ROM translate tool to no avail, with any font I messed with just showing up as a heart symbol in game.


In Japanese ROM, characters with no font are displayed with heart mark.
Please obtain fonts of half-width alphabet from FE7U or FE8U.
Menu -> Tool -> Rom Translate Tool -> Font

Or, please write your own font.
Detail Menu -> Font

FE6 has a fan translation.
This is realized by mapping Japanese to alphabet by tbl.

FE8 midori also have a fan translation.
Please try looking it on the net.