This is a patch bug that breaks the background 0x37 limit.
I will fix it next time.

Please Default of background 0x37.

NAME.en=Expand Background Image List
COMBO.en=Default: 37 Maximum|0x04 0xD1|Patched: Unlimited|0x04 0xE0

Default is 0xE836 as 0x04 0xD1.
In the correction, it had to be 0x04 0xE0.
But I made a mistake, 0x00 0x00.
This is the reason for the mistake.

I will fix it next time.

If you correct in a hurry, please return to “Default: 37 Maximum”.
(Currently, Your rom is “Patched: Unlimited”.)

Or, from hex editor, write 0xE836, 0x04 0xD1.


I haven’t had trouble importing maps from fe6 and 7 before but I noticed that the map editor doesn’t include the snow tilesets when editing fe8- would it be possible to include them? I haven’t been able to import the tilesets which I have for femapbuilder into the program successfully.


Please refer to here.
There is no snow tile set on FE 8, so you need to porting it from FE 6 or make your own.


fixed Expand Background Image List Bug with Ver: 20180710.22.


Is there a way to increase the palette of the world map?


Four map pallets are available for the FE 8 world map.
Please select the world map with the subtractive color tool and decrease the color.
Automatically convert.

Four map pallets are available for the FE 8 world map.
Due to limitations, only one palette is available in an 8 * 8 cell.
Separate the image into 8 * 8 cells.
Then, for each cell, we decide which of the four palettes to use.
This mechanism is similar to TSA.
However, the large world map of FE 8 uses a mechanism called a palette map.


I usually use a 16-color painting world map, which is easier.


How do i make Prf weapons? (sorry if this is stupid and simple but after fiddling around and watching markyjoe’s tutorial i still dont know how to do this)


just don’t put a rank and make it have a lock like eirika lock etc


But weapon lock 1 and the character locks only show. And i already gave weapon lock 1,athos lock and lyn lock to several of my units. Can i just use weapon lock 1 on multiple units? (For context im doing an fe8 pme and several of the edits were new prf weapons for old units)


To make Prf items, use the ITEM Lock.
Items with Lock set will be dedicated to the unit or class, whose unit is the lock.

Even if unit have a weapon lock, unit can not use items unless the weapon level is set.

For example, Eirika who does not have a spear level can not use a spear.

Therefore, even if adapt Eirika Lock to a spear, she can not use a spear and can not use it.
Conversely, even if adapt Eirika Lock to a unit that can not use the sword, unit can not use the sword, so unit can not use rapier.

By using this characteristic, one Prf can be shared by multiple people.
At the very least we can not use weapons and magic at the same time, so we can double Prf.
If you can use a unit exclusively for ax and dedicated spear, you can increase more.


Thank you very much!


So I’m working on an FE8 hack and am beginning to work on Chapter 4.
However, despite the chapter being uchanged, the game crashes when trying to load the preparations.
Sometimes it just makes the BGM keep playing on a black screen, sometimes it makes that horrible screech, and sometimes it just resets the game. Does anyone know what’s going on?


Please send data to reproduce the bug with problem reporting tool (Create Report Issue).

Bugs can not be reproduced with strings.
To solve the bug, we need data to reproduce the bug.

Also, how to deal with freezing is written in the manual.
At the very end of this manual, there is a description on how to report bugs.

If your ROM freezes, read here


I think i found a fix
I turned on the Prepartion BGM by Chapter patch and it loaded just fine.


I want to know more detailed information.
Does that mean that the problem was fixed once You applied the patch?


Yes, applying that patch completely fixed the problem.



it fixed ver 20180717.20.


All of my boss fights result in an automatic critical kill regardless of what my unit’s hit rate and crit rate are? Is there any fix to this? Pretty new to all of this and appreciate you making this program