In line 3, #incbin.

#incbin "Class Base Promotion Gains.dmp"

ORG 0x2BD50
#incbin "Class Base Promotion Gains.dmp"   //<-THIS

//This is the graphic that resets the level.
//Change to ping to the new level (usually the same)
ORG 0x736DA
SHORT 0x7A18

I do not know why this can not be used.
I am trying it with EA ver 11.1.
What version of EA do you use?


I switched the Event Assembler core in the FEBuilder settings to a more up-to-date version and it seems to be working now, thank you!

Sorry, that was a silly mistake on my part.


I’m trying to give skills in the skill system to classes that don’t already have them and it isn’t letting me. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?


It was fixed in Version: 20180619.05.

Please press the expansion button on the list to secure the area.
but, when the address was 0, an error occurred and it was fixed.


Hey there, first thing. Thanks for the awesome tool, it’s so simple and powerful, I love it!

Now for my question, is it possible to make some items in shops limited? For example in Path of Radiance and/or Radiant Dawn there were certain items only available to brought once, usually for a cheaper price. Is this possible in FEBuilder?


That would require save expansion, since you’d need to save the number of items already bought. I believe @Leonarth has done this hack, but I don’t know whether he’s released it yet.


I see, I think expanding the save is beyond my current knowledge. I’ll look for the hack you mentioned. Thank you!

Edit: sorry for asking another question but is it possible to make a casual mode for, well, casual players? It’s not a big deal just curious if theres a setting that i’m missing.


It is easy to make it difficult.
Hard mode, setting the hard boost value of the chapter data makes the enemy stronger.

Conversely, it is difficult to make it easy.
However, using the event, you can receive strong weapons and money when in easy mode.

27190000	CHECK_TUTORIAL	Difficulty Level 1 if it is easy, 0 if not.	@STOREC	{COND}
22190000	CHECK_HARD	Difficulty If you are hard, you will get 1, otherwise you will get 0.	@STOREC	{COND}

Since the result is assigned to memory slot 0xC, you need create conditional expression for judgment.

Also, it is also possible to change reinforcement by difficulty.
40050200XXXXXXXX40050300YYYYYYYY400A000048E29E08 Extension branch[XXXXXXXX:POINTER_UNIT:Units If easy][YYYYYYYY:POINTER_UNIT:Units If Normal or more] {U}
40050200XXXXXXXX4005030001000000400A000048E29E08 Extension branch[XXXXXXXX:POINTER_UNIT:Units If Normal or more] {U}

There are also means such as not to use the arena by installing a tile which can not pass such as a wall on the arena.
Tile changes can also be set with events, so different tile changes can be generated for each difficulty.

Otherwise, do you rewrite the asm and correct the value such as accuracy of hit?
Here, it is difficult because the formula must be rewritten with asm.


Ah, I had already found those things out from practicing with FEBuilder. What I meant was a casual mode where units don’t die permanently, like in the newer games. I plan on letting my friends play the my hack and they are less experienced with the series.


I see.

Because we doing with the emulator, I think that you can use state save. :slight_smile:

A death flag is set for the deceased character.
If you reset the flag, you probably will recover.

I tried it because I have never done it.

In FE, the deceased ally unit does not disappear from the data.
Data is retained.

I deliberately killed seth.

seth status flag is 0x5 = 0x1 (Hide) | 0x4 (death) .
In order to resuscitate him, I think that this flag should be 0x00.

seth has revived.

0202BE4C @Unit@[3E] PlayerUnits {U}

@Unit@00	pointer	UnitPointer
@Unit@04	pointer	ClassPointer
@Unit@08	byte	Level
@Unit@09	byte	EXP
@Unit@0A	byte	Recovery mode
@Unit@0B	byte	UnitTableID
@Unit@0C	byte	State	(+1=Hide,+2=acted,+4=death,+8=non sortie,+10=rescuing,+20=rescuing,+40=Cantoing,+80=Under a roof)
@Unit@0D	byte	State2	(+1=Waku +8 In ballista +10=Drop last item +20=Growth up +40=Solo animation 1 +80=Solo animation 2)
@Unit@0E	byte	State3	(+1=Escape +2= +4= +8=super arena(either +4,+2) +20=Was not deployed last chapter +80=2nd portrait)
@Unit@0F	byte	State4	(+2=Sortie is not allowed +8=Use link arena palette)

To change this flag, use the UNCM command.
But on FE 8, this command does not exist.
However, Tequila is porting this command.

In FEBuilderGBA, it is registered as FE8-Set Condition patch.

After adapting this patch, please set up an event the state 1 cancel to hide and death bit.
Probably you can revive the unit.


I can’t believe I’m so dumb and forgot about save states. :sweat_smile:

That sounds very useful too! Thank you so much for the explanation. :slight_smile:


I am currently confused how the unit placing works? Which do I use for what propose? Right now which ever one I use only a unit gained in the chapter with be in the party and selectable in prep. I’m really confused plz help!?!?!


Please explain it more concretely.
I’m not sure what you are in trouble.

What happened?
What did you do?
What kind of results were you expecting?

If these three are not written, I can not answer.
Please describe it while attaching images etc.

Click on the unit on the first screen, Simple Menu, to go to Unit Placer for that unit.
You can change the coordinates of that unit here.
You can also increase the number of units and define reinforcements,
but please refer to the “reinforcement” item of help etc for that.


Right now I’m really just confused on use load units does what and what each on is for because some seem to do the same things


Try to follow this guide already :

And please, try to make your sentences error-free. At least a bit. It’s hard to understand what you’re saying.


I have watched that video but I skipped around a bit so I might have missed some stuff so I guess I should just go through it again sorry if I’m asking really stupid questions. And sorry for the confusing sentences when I’m writing it makes sense but sometimes even I don’t know what I’ve written. I also type faster then my brains prosses what I’m writing.


Hey, me again. This is a dumb question because I swear I found it the other day but where can I find the animations for arrows, hand axes and javelins and other magic spells? and is it possible to export them to be edited? Thank you.


Motions that units use magic and bows can be changed from “battle animation”.
Bow, magic, magic sword etc are range attacks(indirect attacks), so they are defined in Motion 5, 6.
05=Ranged Animation
06=Ranged Critical Animation

This is the same as attacking with a magcal sword or a spear , bow , magic.
You can change the range animation motion that triggers when attacked from “Magic Animations” of the item.

If you want to create a new magic, apply the additional magic patch and register the image “Magic Animations”.
I think that it is a translation mistake that these are the same name.

In principle, you can not change the flying bow, throwing out, or existing magic effect displayed when you attack.
These are because they are hard coded in the program.

Since these can not be changed, by introducing a magic system patch, you can write it with a script similar to battle animation.

However, for some image data, I know the location.
The throwing spear image data is in the patch.
Magical background data and animation data are found in “Magical animation in ROM”.
However, since these are referenced from the hard-coded code, I think that you can not give detailed instructions.

The safest way is to install a magic system patch and implement it.

If you are interested in the program …
If you want to know the top-level ASM that implements each magic, you can know the address from “Magic Instr Pointers”.
Magic is invoked from this ASM, it seems that each corresponding Procs is created and processed.
Procs is very complicated, but if you are interested, read the STAN documentation.
Also, after connecting to the emulator, pressing the Procs tab allows you to see the data of the currently running Procs.


Ok so the magic animations already in the game cannot be edited because they are hard coded so it is easier to apply the patch and create my own. Thank you very much for the help!


So I started over from scratch and ran into a new, never before seen problem. I created a new map for Chp.15 Scorched Sands and edited the reinforcement coordinates to correspond with the new map. I’ve also created a seizable throne and changed the victory conditions to seize throne. Now when I get to turn 8 and the druid reinforcements appear, the game focuses on Valter and then either freezes or crashes.
There is a link with the problem report.

Pls help.